Last year, each Friday the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re not sure either of those things happened. So this year, the Founding Fathers will be joined by two Pocket Doppler veterans: favored stepson Rich & Senior Angel Colleen. Like last year, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s early edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 13 the current standings are:

Wally: 30
Colleen: 29
BigSnakeMan: 27
Rich: 27
Chris: 25

We had a little movement here in the rankings as young Master Ward removed himself from basemant with a perfect week, Chris on the other end didn’t have as much luck only getting one pick correct and forcing himself down.  The top remains the same though, where it’s looking like a two horse race between Colleen & I. Although, in the immortal words on one Aaron Nagler…lotta ball game left so who knows.


Packers at Giants – Another week, and another game that many point to as the one that could bring an end to Green Bay’s hopes for undefeated immortality.  On the one hand, we have the New York Giants: losers of 3 straight and desperate for a win, at home, with a defensive line that could be problematic for the Packers patchwork offensive line.  On the other, there is a Green Bay team that has taken on all comers and has yet to be bested despite their own deficiencies.  The Packers themselves may not want to openly embrace the idea of a perfect season, but they’ve clearly proven that they are proficient at focusing on the next game, an attitude fostered by their leaders on both sides of the ball.  Next man up philosophy has progressed into Next Game Up or vice versa.  (As an aside, as everyone knows, the Packers have won 17 consecutive games dating back to last season-that’s as many games and includes a longer playoff run (albeit over the course of 2 seasons) than than the record-setting Dolphins.  The fact that the Packers are zeroing in on a record 21 consecutive wins may be just as impressive, if not more so, than what Miami accomplished in 1972.)  For the second week in a row, the NFL’s junior Manning gets to look across the field and see what an “elite” quarterback truly looks like.  New York is coming off a short week and their best football is a month behind them.  Green Bay will have 10 days to rest up and prepare for this game.  They might be Giants, but they’re playoff hopes will be brought down to size as the Packers go to 12-0.

Lions at Saints – The realization is beginning to set in on Detroit that maybe the Lions aren’t as good as they thought they were-probably because they aren’t as good as they were.  Quarterback Matt Stafford is hurt once again (though not debilitatingly this time), the loss of Jahvid Best and now Kevin Smith has robbed them of a running game and, pending a ruling by the league office, they may be without a boy named Suh for this game.  New Orleans is at home where they play their best and appear to be gearing up for a strong playoff run.  In a metaphor of biblical significance, the Saints beat the Lions.

Chargers at Jaguars – Much like myself last week in picking them to win, San Diego got “Tebow-ed” at home.  I guess that’s what I get for putting my faith in a team with no heart facing the Chosen One.  Why the hell would San Diego (or any team, for that matter) play nickel defense against Tebow in overtime?  San Diego coach Norv Turner should be fired just for that alone.  Meanwhile in Jacksonville (whose motto, according to Yahoo Sports radio’s Steve Czaban is, “Technically, not Georgia”), the Jaguars have a new coach, a new owner and potentially a future in Los Angeles.  I have no reason to pick Jacksonville in this mess of a game except for the facts that they’re at home, RB Maurice Jones-Drew is on my bottom-dwelling fantasy football team, and I have no remaining respect for the Chargers.

BigSnakeMan’s Picks: Packers, Saints, & Jaguars


Packers at Giants – During the most recent installment of the Packer Therapy podcast, I unequivocally picked the G-Men to beat the Packers. I am tempted to stick with that here. But after reading the NY injury report (featuring the news that Osi Umenyhioura is out) I am thinking GB has a better chance of staying undefeated than I thought three days ago. While I believe the Giants are completely capable of surprising GB given they will have home-swamp advantage, my substantial gut tells me to go with the Pack, so I will.

Lions at Saints – NO looking tough while the Lions seem to be losing their courage. Playing in the Superdome might be enough for DET to leave with their tails between their legs. The Saints have marched to three straight wins while the Lions have looked cowardly in dropping two of their last three. I look for NO to stomp DET .

Chargers at Jaguars – Oh, my: A SD team cycling the drain travels to the recently-sold (and soon-to-be-on-their-way-to-LA?) Jags, who are reeling from the firing of their long-time head coach. Nice. Should be fun. For someone, somewhere… I suspect the Chargers are in relatively less turmoil, but cross-county flights are known to dull the edges. Their six  game losing streak aside, I still think SD is the better team, jet lag or not. So I will show you my Lightning Bolt and pick Chargers in this one.

Chris’s Picks: Packers, Saints & Chargers


Packers at Giants – Beginning of this season I think some thought this would be a pretty good test, now probably not as much. You’ll I’m sure recall the last meeting between these two teams in the must-win day after Christmas game where the Packers put a shellacking on the New York Football Giants, and then Giants got snowed in at the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton. I don’t see any travel headaches this time around as the Packers will be flying home happy with the 11th 12th win of the season.

Lions at Saints – Like the above game, at one point this match-up was promising. It’s definitely lost some luster though.  I’ll actually be rooting for the Lions in this game to knock the Saints down a notch or two but I don’t expect them to win, the Saints are just on too much of a roll right now.

Chargers at Jaguars – Last Monday we at least had a somewhat watchable game, not this time around.  The Chargers have just been dismal this year & the Jaguars are…well, the Jaguars.  Maybe though Jacksonville will play extra hard to impress the new owner and pull this one out against a struggling San Diego team. Or not.

Wally’s Picks: Packers, Saints & Chargers


Packers at Giants – I wasn’t terribly worried about this game until I watched a bit of Monday Night Football.  Here’s really hoping the Giants team that showed up against the Saints shows up against the Packers.  I wish the Saints had not given the Giants quite such a drubbing, for a few reasons, not the least of which is that now the Giants are going to be playing angry.  However, the Saints and Packers seem to play similar football – defense gives up points but the offense outscores the opponent, usually very handily.   I am very pleased with how Evan Dietrich-Smith filled in, although my heart went in my throat when he had to go into the Lions game – and everyone has had plenty of time to rest and heal. Plus, the Mayor of Green Bay will be at the game. Packers win.

Lions at Saints – Talk about a team that’s going to be playing angry.  The Lions were again humiliated on national television, in their house.  (And yes, I really would call that game a humiliation, especially with Suh’s stupid behavior.)  They will, however, be playing without their village idiot, nearsighted hippotamus, or whatever you want to call him.  If they aren’t playing without him, Art Shell should be booted as an appeals officer. An offensive lineman should never turn on one of his own.  The Saints looked phenomenal Monday night, but we’ve seen them before look less than stellar the week after such an outing. I think this one actually turns on where the game is being played.  Saints win.

Chargers at Jaguars – I think a meteor should hit this game. It fits right in with the now weekly spectacle of crappy Monday Night Football matchups.  On the spectrum of who sucks less, I guess the Chargers are still a better team.  And they still have a coach.  So far.  This may come down to how badly Philip Rivers wants to get Norv Turner fired vs how much the Jaguars like their new interim coach and want him to stay.   Chargers win.

Colleen’s Picks: Packers, Saints & Chargers


Packers at Giants – 12 and oh, you know…just another step in the 16-0 process.

Lions at Saints – Suh pun…Schwartz handshake joke…Hey look, Matthew Stafford just threw another interception. The Saints roll at home.

Chargers at Jaguars – Sweet mercy, but this is going to be a terrible game to watch. Isn’t Kourtney and Kim Take on Marriage airing around the same time? I’d rather watch that.

Rich’s Picks: Packers, Saints & Chargers



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  • Colleen

    Wally, you are really stuck on that 11-0. Did you seriously have a premonition about a natural disaster? ;)

    • Wally

      Good Lord, I suck

    • BigSnakeMan

      Eleven is his lucky number.

      • Colleen

        Well it’s not the Packers lucky number. ;)