“I’ve got to get back in my groove and get the chemistry down with the quarterback,” Finley said. “As everyone can see, the chemistry’s not there with the quarterback.”

Sometimes, it’s the brief blurbs of Packers news, like this one from Rob Demovsky, that paint a clear picture. Jermichael Finley was on fire earlier in the season. He was magnificent in the Chicago game, yet Aaron Rodgers saw fit to chew on him a little bit. I admit, I was more than a little surprised by QB1′s comments, and though he was very professional (and also praised #88′s talents highly), I could tell he was serious as well. It’s not like Aaron, in my experience, to criticize a fine performance. I suspected he had his reasons. They are starting to appear to be more obvious.

Jermichael’s been dropping balls. We’ve seen it. Detroit, Atlanta. He’s lost focus, he’s got a contract coming up, and he’s got competition. Jordy Nelson has come on strong, and of course in the Detroit games James Jones (JAMES JONES?) did terribly well. Greg Jennings is almost always amazing and my beloved Double D still has what it takes to pull in the passes. Not to mention that another tight end, Tom Crabtree, has caught a TD pass more recently than Jermichael.

And yet Jermichael has the nerve to say his problem lies “with the ‘quarterback’”? No, Jermichael, your problem is with your mental focus, your lack of maturity and your attitude. Pull it together, shut up, be ready to listen and learn, and get the job done. Then you’ll have proper chemistry with AARON . (That’s his name, you see. You might see fit to use it.) And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to do this and get re-signed to a contract. But if you keep this up, which sadly is starting to seem like may be the case, I for one am just as happy to let you move on.

Chemistry. Whatever. You blinded me with your (lack of) science, Jermike. Grow up.

YOTTO2 indeed.

Go Pack Go.


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  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    I can understand, if not like it, when a talented player complains about not getting ‘his’ when a team is losing, but clearly that isn’t the case in Green Bay. I have always maintained that ’88′ is not likely to be a Packer longterm-this certainly does nothing to change that opinion. His me-first attitude doesn’t seem to fit in well with this team despite his obvious ability. And if there is a point in the future when there is a downturn in the Packers’ fortunes, Finley could become an outright cancer in the locker room.

    The funny thing is, he may be more valuable to the Packers than he would be to a lesser team. Finley has previously used the excuse that his production isn’t what it could be because opposing defenses concentrate on him. If he can’t break free of coverage when the Packers have so many other offensive threats, how is he going to deal with it if he’s the focal point on another team?

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com Ceallaigh

    Case in point, Jordy already got his contract extension and JMike is still whining he doesn’t have chemistry with “the quarterback.”

    What a petulant little child. Here’s a hint, Finley, there is no “I” in Shut Up and Do the Work.

    You are second banana, pal. Don’t even pretend you are what makes the team successful.

    • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

      Unfortunately, there will always be teams in the league who will pay for the ability (and, more accurately, the ‘availability’) without regard to the character of the player in question.

      • foundinidaho

        True, and sometimes they get what they deserve. Ergo Randy Moss to the Vikings.

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