Thanksgiving football left us with plenty to talk about. Ndamukong Suh has not only Packer fans talking, but also critics and media across the league.

In case you live under a rock or have been put to bed rest due to your turkey coma, here’s a clip of why Suh was ejected.

Unnecessary? Yes, definitely. His actions on a holiday of thanks have made many fans feel more confident in their beliefs that Detroit and Suh are amongst the dirtiest of the NFL.

I posted an article about Suh’s dirty antics on my Facebook timeline and received a text message from my good friend Justin, who happens to be HUGE Nebraska Cornhuskers fan. He was upset that I didn’t post an article that gave both sides of the story or talked about how Suh is actually a good guy.

This one is for all of you who are upset that everyone is coming down hard on Suh.

For those of you who don’t know, Suh made quite an impression on his alma mater when he left for the NFL draft in 2010. Suh donated $2.6 million dollars to the university, where $2 million went to the athletic department and $600,000 went to the college of engineering. His donation was alloted into scholarships that would help students pay tuition.

Besides providing his alma mater with financial support, Suh has also hosted football camps in Detroit to help youth develop their skills as football players. I love seeing NFL players or all pro athletes, for that matter, give back to the community in some way or another.

However, I am here to set straight those individuals who are still attempting to rationalize Suh’s irrational behavior.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Suh’s contributions to the community are great and it’s awesome to see his wealth go beyond a new Rolls-Royce or whatever the big kids are driving nowadays.

Here’s the kicker: giving back doesn’t mean you are exempt from the everyday rules of football and playing a good, clean game!

You are still not allowed to hit, kick, pound someone’s head into the ground, rip off their helmet, kick in the family jewels, etc. I mean c’mon, didn’t your mother ever tell you to play fair?

The point is football is a game that can be won without a physical “fight”. It takes physical strength, endurance, and preparedness as well as mental strategy, intelligence, and smart instincts. If you can’t win with that, you might as well admit your opponent was the better team or at least played better that day.

But Suh can’t seem to do that. After multiple fines and being labeled as the NFL’s dirtiest player midway through the season, Suh has earned himself a reputation. It’s not exactly the reputation that football players strive to achieve. Many of them look for Pro-Bowl status, Super Bowl MVP or even league MVP.

Suh’s choice to pound Dietrich-Smith’s head into the ground and then kick him when he finally gets off of the Green and Gold player shows his inability to control his emotions. As a result, he was ejected from the game.

Of course that’s not the only time he’s made such careless moves, but his first offenses seemed to be actions of immaturity. After his press conference, I hardly believe that’s true.

Some people are too good to apologize.

Suh is a dirty player, and he’s either in denial or knows it and refuses to admit it to the public. If he wants to make it in this game, he’s got to shape up. Maybe Detroit is not the place for him. Maybe Suh needs a coach and team with more emotional discipline when it comes to game intensity. Or Maybe he needs to grow up.

Do you want people to start talking about how talented you are and the awesome things you do in the community? Then play football like a man.


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