• I think we can safely say the 1962 Packers have been properly avenged.
  • Matt Stafford proves he ain’t all that, but thanks for the INTs.
  • On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers proves he is all that. Quit entertaining the dark horse MVP choice of Tim Tebow. It’s laughable, he makes me twitch, and I have a hammer and I’m not afraid to use it. At this point Rodgers is the
  • May not ever be able to convince Troy Aikman that he is. I swear Rodgers could throw for 600 yards, toss 12 touchdowns and put in another 400 yards rushing and Aikman would find something about Rodgers to bellyache about. Seriously, his biggest critique was the Lions were dominating the Packers on time of possession so they were clearly the superior team. Uh, Troy, did you bother to ever look at the scoreboard?
  • Let’s just get this out of the way and underscore the truly obvious. Ndamukong Suh is, in fact, the dirtiest player in the NFL. The fact that 1. he apologized to his team, coaches and fans but the Packers can still eat it and 2. He’s already spinning  that there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll lost his footing just proves he is an unrepentant thug that needs to sit and decide if he really wants to be an athlete or a bad guy in the WWE where dirty –albeit completely staged–hits are welcome. Until then, he doesn’t need to be anywhere near an NFL field. Bill Cowher was absolutely right. The NFL needs to be swift and stern in dealing with thugs like this. Maybe watching the game from a couch will cool his jets more than the previous trip to the principal’s office.
  • But let’s hear it for the battered Packers’ O-Line! Even without Josh Sitton, they did a fairly good job protecting the franchise. Evan Dietrich-Smith, when not acting as a door mat for Suh to stomp his feet, stepped up admirably. Same goes for TJ Lang. I’ll be honest and admit I thought Detroit’s front four were going to demolish the Packer’s O-Line. Sure, there were some mental errors, but at the end of the game, they had proven that they can hold their own against a very scary Detroit defense.
  • And then there was Calvin Johnson who was all but irrelevant today. Sure he scored a TD, but it was the closest thing the Lion’s had to a victory today. Kudos to Tramon Williams for putting Megatron out of commission.
  • Charles Woodson proved again that he has nimble hands. Yes, he missed some tackles today by playing the ball aggressively. But it paid off when he mugged the receiver and stole the ball for Stafford’s third interception of the game.
  • I find it interesting that the defense was communicating better and functioning more as cohesive unit when there was no player with the radio helmet receiving instructions. Go figure.
  • Ted Thompson’s depth chart is still a beauty to behold. Next Player Up worked well today even if the Packers were down to no more LBs on the bench to fill a void. The backup were strong and intense today, readily filling the gaps left behind when Hawk, Bishop and Walden went down.
  • That said, it would be disasterous if Bishop or Hawk are out of commission for any length of time. Have a feeling Bish is worse as he was on crutches. But he wasn’t immobilized or in plaster. Things could be worse. And if they are out for any length of time, the Packers will endure. They did last year and will do so again if need be.
  • James Jones. Seriously, all you haters over to the left! It was his week to shine and wow did he!
  • That’s the thing about the depth of the receiving corps. Any one of them has the capabilities of being a absolute rock star for a day. Nelson was red hot last week. Perhaps the Lions decided to respond by covering him with more intensity. Doesn’t matter. Rodgers could go to Jones or maybe Jennings or maybe Cobb or maybe Finley. And if that doesn’t work, then it goes to Kuhn or Grant in a checkdown pass.
  • Thank god Tim Masthay wasn’t pressed into service as a running back again. But rumor has it the Lions were so desperate for an effective secondary, they were putting in a wide receiver. So there that…
  • Mason Crosby returned to perfection today after shanking it last week.
  • 11-0. First time in franchise history. Even Rodgers offered a coy smile about the possibility of the Pack going 16-0 now that the Lion monkey is officially of their backs.
  • Still not willing to discuss a perfect season. Won’t even entertain it until the Packers go head to head with the Giants.
  • And with that, the Cheese Still Stands Alone.

Other observations from today…

  • I still love my Most Favorite Aunt’s mincemeat pie, even though she cheats and uses a mix from a jar.
  • My mother proved once again that she can become an obnoxious Detroit transplant one day out of the year. She hates football, but on Thanksgiving she becomes an obnoxious Lions fan. Hey, mom, you do know they lost today, right?
  • The sandhill cranes are congregating in the middle of the state to start their journey south for the winter.
  • I can’t wait for the Packers to take on the Giants because I still think Eli will and always shall be just Peyton’s brother.

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  • foundinidaho

    I am so proud of Evan Dietrich-Smith. Amazed. Proud. That is all.

    Well written as always, Kelly. :)

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    If I were a Lions fan, I would be very unhappy with Suh right now. He’s talented enough that he shouldn’t have to resort to such foolishness. This time, his stupidity cost the Lions 7 points at a critical juncture in the game.

    Props to all the ‘fill-ins’ but special mention for D.J. Smith-dude’s showing some real promise.

    One other thing….

    Not to nitpick, but what’s up with the constant shotgun formations on 3rd & 1-2 yards? Not at all effective in the first half. Would it kill ‘em to mix in a run from under center once in awhile just to keep the defense honest?

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