Last year, each Friday the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re not sure either of those things happened. So this year, the Founding Fathers will be joined by two Pocket Doppler veterans: favored stepson Rich & Senior Angel Colleen. Like last year, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s early edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 12 the current standings are:

Wally: 27
Colleen: 26
BigSnakeMan: 25
Chris: 24
Rich: 24

No real change in the standings here as once again this past week we decided to share the same brain and picked identically. My plan to create a Borg-like hive-mind mentality among the Pocket Doppler contributors would appear to have been a complete success. Hence forth I will be referring to everyone by their number designations. Resistance is Futile.

Please note: In sending out the games choices this week I erroneously missed the Monday night game, but seeing as no one else caught it we’ll stick with the games we have here.

Two of Thirteen (BigSnakeMan)

Packers at Lions – This game is the classic example of how it’s not always only who you play but when you play them.  Three weeks ago, I would have guessed this to be Green Bay’s first loss of the season.  Now, I’m not so sure.  The Lions regained form (sort of) last week after struggling for awhile without a running game after the loss of Jahvid Best and, as usual, QB Matt Stafford is banged up again.  But recently re-signed RB Kevin Smith had a monster game against Carolina.  Of course, if he were that great, they wouldn’t have released him in the first place.  Conventional wisdom says the Lions are always tough on Thanksgiving but the reality is they’ve lost that game the last 7 years.  Sure, they’ll be charged up to knock off the Packers, but the visiting team is pretty highly motivated in their own right.  Certainly, Green Bay has flaws that could bite them in this game but, like an accomplished major league pitcher, they’ve proven they can win without their best ‘stuff’.  I like them to do it one more time.

Broncos at Chargers – Will San Diego become the latest team to get “Tebow-ed”?  Denver gave savior-quarterback Tim Tebow a vote of confidence this week with the release of former starter Kyle Orton.  Of course, we all know that those often come right before someone is fired.  Head Bronco John Elway still sounds like a guy who’s plans to get a ‘real’ NFL quarterback are being undermined with every Tebow-led win.  The Chargers’ season long woes continued at Chicago last week and they don’t inspire a lot of confidence right now.  I’m tempted to go with Denver here but I think S.D. will do Elway a favor and buck the Broncos at home.

Steelers at Chiefs – After seeing the Chiefs on Monday night I’d like to say something positive and/or profound about this game……Yeah, I got nuthin’.  Suffice to say Pittsburgh will “Steel” one on the road.

Two of Thirteen’s Picks: Packers, Chargers & Steelers

Five of Thirteen  (Chris)

Packers at Lions – After another distressing win for GB (wait: did I just say “distressing win?”), I think this is where GB’s perfect season hits the rocks. The Packers have often struggled on Thanksgiving in DET, and I expect this to be another one of those indigestion-inducing games. I just hope the ghosts of Alex Karras and Roger Brown don’t rain terror down upon Aaron Rodgers the way those guys did to Bart Starr 49 years ago when 15 was sacked repeatedly on Thanksgiving, ruining that unblemished season. Of course, the ’62 team went on to win it all, so that would be a good trade-off as far as I am concerned.

Broncos at Chargers – This Tim Tebow stuff has got to end. Really. I’ve watched this guy for a couple of games now and there is no way what’s he’s doing is sustainable. Of course, SD seems to be circling the drain after losing five straight, so maybe the Bright Prince perched upon the Kicking Horse can extending this silliness for another week. In the AFC West, anything seems possible this year. But there has to be limits to such nonsense, and I doubt DEN will be able to dam up Rivers in SD. Give me the Lightning Bolts to shock the Broncos.

Steelers at Chiefs – I still cling to the belief that PIT is one of the NFL’s best teams. Not sure why–maybe it is the memory of how they played GB so strong in February or maybe it is all those Super Bowls they’ve been in. However, this year, they seem as flawed as any team. They are also playing on the road in a stadium that provides a good home field advantage. However, the Chefs are coming off a short week and will be cooking without their starting QB. Besides, even at full strength, I don’t think KC is as good as the Men of Steel, so I see PIT as a comfortable winner.

Five of Thirteen’s Picks: Lions, Chargers & Steelers

One of Thirteen (Wally)

Packers at Lions – This game has been circled on the calendar since week 5 or so although some of the aura behind has diminished once the Lions record became blemished.  It will still be a tough challenge for the Packers as the Lions will want the win even more than normal due to the cirumstances. Last year in Detroit wasn’t pretty for a couple of reasons, namely the concussion to Rodgers & a loss. While I don’t think it’ll be easy, I’m staying on the bandwagon for this game and saying the Packers win a high scoring affair.

Broncos at Chargers – Could anyone have realistically thought that heading into this game the Broncos would be leading the Chargers in the AFC West?  Me either, especially with Tim Tebow leading the Broncos. At some point the Tebow magic has to end but I’m just not sure it’s going to be this week against a fading Chargers unit. So for one week only, I’m on board with Tebow-mania & calling for the Broncos to continue their improbable run & beat the Chargers.

Steelers at Chiefs – Couple weeks back I gambled on the Chiefs and it worked out, of course that was while Matt Cassel was still under center. That’s not going to happen this time, especially after seeing how they played last Monday night. Steelers in an easy rout.

One of Thirteen’s Picks: Packers, Broncos & Steelers

Six of Thirteen  (Colleen)

Packers at Lions – I’ve said it all year – this is the one that makes me nervous.  It’s not a trap game – the Packers will be very aware of the talent of the opponent, the dirty play of said opponent and the fact that Ford Field always tries to go Kryptonite on the Packers.  Plus, the guys are playing on 4 days of rest, probably precious little real practice and Coach looked tired as hell in his presser Monday.  So yeah, I’m worried.  The good news is the Packers are worried too, and Aaron Rodgers is very mad at himself for his play vs the Bucs.  Whether I agree with him or not on the level of his performance, it’s lovely to have such a perfectionist at quarterback.  Packers win.

Broncos at Chargers – Well, isn’t this an ugly little mess of a game.  The Second Coming vs. a team that can’t even beat Jay Cutler’s broken hand.  I think Philip Rivers is deliberately looking to get Norv Turner fired and who could blame him?  I would too if I were him.  Tebow still hasn’t won John Elway over all the way (Mr. Ed’s a bit smarter than I gave him credit for) so he is going to remain fired up trying to prove to Broncos management that he is the Chosen Quarterback.  Broncos win.  (I hope I’m wrong on this.  I really, really do.)

Steelers at Chiefs – Yeah, I’ll jump on the bandwagon.  Shane Falco > Tyler Palko.  The Chiefs looked halfway decent against the Patriots for a while this week, but they don’t have a quarterback (yet) and the Steelers do, however repulsive I might find him.  Steelers win.

Six of Thirteen’s Picks: Packers, Broncos & Steelers

Eight of Thirteen (Rich)

Packers at Lions – There is no quarterback in the NFL nearly as accurate as Aaron Rodgers. Not only do teams have to keep up with Green Bay, but they have to outright defeat them. Not this year. “Just another step in the 16-0 process.”

Broncos at Chargers – Has there (ever) been another team in the NFL who has underachieved more than the Chargers? I’m beginning to think, no. Everything I ever thought about the NFL has turned out to be a mirage (see my record this year), so I’m switching things up and hopping on the road underdog (ie. the Tebow train). Broncos defy the odds yet again.

Steelers at Chiefs – “That’s great, but who are the Chefs?” Steelers in a walk.

Eight of Thirteen’s Picks: Packers, Broncos & Steelers


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