This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Turkey Day NFL WAGs.

Candice Crawford (Tony Romo, Dallas)

Aaron on why the Packers Need To “Feel The Power”.

Feeding the first for tomorrow’s Turkey Day Game, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh says Lions at same level as Packers .

All Green Bay Packers shares their Packers vs. Lions Week 12 Game Predictions .

The Badgers hoops team held serve last night against Missouri-Kansas City winning 77-31 as Jared Berggren Fills It Up .

I hope we don’t have to worry about this, A look at Wisconsin’s non-Rose Bowl scenarios.

As if there was any ever doubt, Ryan Braun Wins NL MVP: Ranked First Or Second On Every Ballot.

Good to see he’s not lacking for anything to do right now: Brandon Jennings, Milwaukee Bucks Brand Ambassador .

This actually makes me want to see if I can get the family to play a little football tomorrow, The 8 People Who Will Play in Your Family’s Turkey Day Football Game .

Classy, Bears DT Leaves Message For Packers Fan While Visiting Sick Kids At Hospital .

I’m both grossed out & impressed at the same time… This Man Claims to Have Sex With His 728 lb Wife Up to Six-Times-Per-Day.

If she wasn’t so cute I would dislike her more, Megyn Kelly says on Fox News pepper spray ‘is a food product, essentially’ .

Some handy tips on How to Handle Being Out of Your Depth .

I never really thought Snuffleupagus was that scary, but do agree that a few of these Scariest Muppets Ever are a little disturbing.

Marloes Horst never disappoints.

An Early Happy Thanksgiving – Seeing as the Daybreak Doppler will be taking a day off tomorrow I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you have safe travels if you are headed to relatives and/or friends and of course looking forward to what we all hope is a Packers win before we dig into the turkey & stuffing. This should be a pretty a good test for the Packers & I’m eager (& a little nervous) to see how they perform after a somewhat iffy outing against the Buccaneers.  Should be a good name no matter, although all the better if the Packers leave Detroit 11-0.

Some programming notes to pass along as well.  Seeing as the Packers play tomorrow, the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators will be making an early appearance this week and sometime today the Pocket Doppler Angels will be sharing what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving Season.  We’ll be back Friday for what I imagine will be an abridged Daybreak Doppler, so again, enjoy your Thanksgiving and we’ll see you however briefly on Friday.

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  • Chris

    That Adams thing in the hospital makes him look like a dick, but I’m not going to rip him until the context is clear. Besides, at least dude was visiting sick kids in the hospital. Props for that.