This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Turkey Day NFL WAGs

Lacey Minchew (Matt Flynn, Green Bay)

The Packers continued the undefeated season being Tampa Bay yesterday, Kelly shares her thoughts on the game in The Postgame Post Mortem (Bizarroland Edition).

All Green Bay Packers has Adam’s Unfiltered Game Day Commentary and First Impressions: Green Bay 35, Tampa Bay 26.

Purple Pants, Green Jersey has more on the game with The Aftermath .

It wasn’t pretty, but the Badgers take one step closer, knock off Fighting Illini .

There was No Drama With Wofford This Time as the Badgers hoops team won on Saturday.

Anonymous Eagle investigates the Mox Articulus Syndrome.

So much for that it would seem: Barmes nearing deal with Bucs; where do Brewers look next?

Brew Hoops says Eventually A Hopeful Rumor Might Actually Be True in regards to the NBA Lockout .

Figures the first one on this list was my keeper QB this year, 10 Fantasy Football Players Who Have Caused Many a Sleepless Night .

Good sport about it, Erin Andrews Got a Gatorade Bath After Baylor Upset Oklahoma .

This documentary about the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark just became the number item on my Christmas List.

I can see where these Facebook Buttons We Could All Use may come in handy.

Denmark all of a sudden seems like a nice place to visit because of Nina Agdal .

Little Bit of Everything – Let’s see…we had a almost blocked punt which was fumbled twice but still converted a first down, then we had BJ Raji scoring a touchdown on a run & Mason Crosby missing his first field goal of the season.  There was also some poor tackling & missed coverages but at the end of the day the Packers still came out on top. Winning doesn’t have to be pretty and there were definitely moments in yesterday’s game that were far from pretty, but the offense did what its been doing all season which is put points on the board, even with Aaron Rodgers having a less than stellar outing.  Short turnaround this week, so the Packers will need to put this one behind them to get ready for divisional foe Detroit on Thanksgiving.

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  • Chris

    I agree that Rodgers seemed “less than stellar.” But it shows how freaky our expectations of him have gotten when dude posts a 112 QB rating and we don’t think he played all that well. In any other universe, that would be the definition of stellar, but somehow, to us, he seemed a bit off his game. Weird. Or maybe sad. I’m not sure.

  • Colleen

    What’s even more interesting, Chris is how much Rodgers himself felt he didn’t play well. He looked peeved through his whole presser until he started giggling about Masthay and the fumbling first down. We’re lucky he’s as driven as he is, really.