I posted on Twitter a request for questions to pose to my trusty Magic 8 Ball, and got a number of interesting responses. The 8 Ball has been a fixture on my desk at work for years, and I only consult it when I have really taxing questions and I need to know all the future holds. So far, the damn thing keeps saying I’ll get to move to Green Bay, but it’s all “Ask Again Later” when it comes to the time frame. Note: It’s been consistent over the years; it’s always said Brett Favre wasn’t really going to retire. (I haven’t asked it this year, it was starting to get really crabby about that subject. Can’t say as I blame it.)

So, here’s the Magic 8 Ball’s take on the questions I received. Of course, me being me, I have to include my own responses to the questions at hand.

Question: Will the Packers win on Thanksgiving?
Magic 8 Ball: Signs Point To Yes
Colleen: Signs Point To Hell Yes

Question: Will Tom Crabtree catch a touchdown this week against the Lions?
Magic 8 Ball: My Sources Say No
Colleen: My Sources Say the Magic 8 Ball Can Suck an Egg. Of course he will. (Really, I don’t know. But it sure was fun watching him catch one Sunday, wasn’t it?)

Question: Will Cutler be out when the Packers play the Bears at Christmas?
Magic 8 Ball: You May Rely On It
Colleen: You May Rely On It Not Mattering, the Packers will win anyway.

Will @lifeafterfavre get to watch the Packers game on Thanksgiving?
Magic 8 Ball: It is Decidedly So.
Colleen: It is decidedly so because Phil’s going to flip out, run screaming out of the party he’s attending and show up on Aaron Nagler’s doorstep begging to watch the game with him.

Question: Will the BCS Be FUBAR?
Magic 8 Ball: Ask Again Later
Colleen: The BCS is already FUBAR. I’m not sure what the Magic 8 Ball is smoking. Perhaps it’s afraid to even begin to approach the sucking hot mess that is the BCS.

I did receive a couple of not-so-sports related questions:

Question: Will @cellaigh_k win a basquillion dollars?
Magic 8 Ball: My Sources Say No
Colleen: My Sources Say Kelly will not buy a lottery ticket because she’ll be too busy working on her Pocket Doppler Post Mortem – The Turkey Stands Alone edition. So no basquillion for you, Doc. But you’re still cool, because you know what a Space Badger is.

Question (from @captelaino): Will I be ready to host Thankgiving?
Magic 8 Ball: Signs Point To Yes.
Colleen: Signs Point to No because you’ll be busy setting your #DCGB Lineup. Look out @M_Sloan, you’d better be ready to cook.

And of course, I saved the best and most important question for last….

Question: Will the Packers win Super Bowl XLVI?
Magic 8 Ball: You May Rely On It
Colleen: I love you, Magic 8 Ball.

Go Pack Go.


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  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    So will someone tell this pour soul, presently residing in the Hell known as Illinois, what Space Badgering is???

  • Colleen

    Space Badger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0SlMTelgck&feature=related

    Carol (and anyone else who was oblivious to the Space Badger like me).

    You may have seen Kelly post this on the comments to her Post Mortem, as I had the same question, but just in case…