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Last year, each Friday the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re not sure either of those things happened. So this year, the Founding Fathers will be joined by two Pocket Doppler veterans: favored stepson Rich & Senior Angel Colleen. Like last year, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 11 the current standings are:

Wally: 25

Colleen: 24

BigSnakeMan: 23

Chris: 22

Rich: 22

The wheat is beginning to separate from the chaff here, with Colleen & I aceing our picks putting us in the clear #2 & #1 spots respectively. BigSnakeMan holds sole possession of the #3 spot while Rich & Chris stay mired together at the bottom.  I’m not even sure why I just typed all that. Seriously, you wouldn’t even have to be able to read English to figure out who’s on top and who’s not by just looking at the list above. Oh well, you’ve wasted your time getting this far so you may as well keep on doing it and look at the picks.

Please note: As of posting, I’m still waiting on Rich’s picks so those will be added at some point once he get’s lazy, day job working ass in gear. Someone needs to get their priorities straightened out I think.


Buccaneers at Packers – Bucs appear to have come crashing back to reality after a promising 2010 campaign.  But if the Packers had any thought of looking past them, all they have to do for inspiration is think back a couple of years to their loss in Tampa Bay.  Bucs (then) rookie QB Josh Freeman gave them fits that day.  Freeman’s still around but he doesn’t have much help around him on offense.  Green Bay’s offense, on the other hand, has shown no signs of slowing down and they finally demonstrated a defensive backbone, albeit against the Vikings.  Packers on a mission and playing at home should have the Bucs walking the plank.

Eagles at Giants – With starting quarterback Michael Vick potentially on the shelf for this one due to cracked ribs, the Dr-Eagles have to turn to Vick-lite.  Backup QB Vince Young, who first invoked the ‘Dream Team’ moniker for Philadelphia, likely will get his opportunity at the helm of this disaster.  Giants WR Victor Cruz apparently decided to celebrate his birthday this week with gunfire, drawing the wrath of perpetually cranky coach Tom Coughlin, but that shouldn’t be enough to distract them.  New York has been playing better lately and is probably looking to take their frustrations out on someone after losing last week in San Francisco.  G-men win at home as head coach Andy Reid inches toward his expiration date in Philadelphia.

Chiefs at Patriots – On the schedule this one looked like a solid win for New England, and that was before KC starting QB Matt Cassel broke his hand.  If I didn’t buy into Kansas City before, I’m certainly not about to start now that someone named Tyler Palko (yeah, I’ve never heard of him either) is taking over as the Chief signal caller.  The Patriots have reestablished themselves as the frontrunner in the AFC East division, if only by default.  The only people losing sleep over this one on Monday night will be Pats fans who want to savor their victory.

BigSnakeMan’s Picks: Packers, Giants & Patriots


Buccaneers at Packers – The Packers will lose a game at some point this season (I think as many as three), but I doubt it will be this week. Tampa is an OK team, but nothing about them really scares me. That doesn’t mean they can’t win (this is the NFL, after all), but I see GB prevailing at home and pushing their record to 10-0.

Eagles at Giants – After showing some signs of life by winning two in a row, PHL is reeling on the heels of two disappointing losses and sits at 3-6. The G-Men have won three of the past four and look like they just might be for real. For all practical purposes, I think a loss would seal PHL’s season (and probably Andy Reid’s tenure as Eagles coach). It’s that back-against-the-wall motivation that makes me pause before picking the Giants. Even so, I don’t think that will be enough to push the Iggles over the Gigantics.

Chiefs at Patriots – Despite evidence to the contrary, it remains hard for me to pick against the Pats. You have to look no further than their horrible pass defense to see that NE is a flawed team. That gives just about any opponent a chance to make a run at them. The Chefs are good enough to do that. But they are coming off of two flaccid performances while NE seems to have recaptured its purchase with a convincing win in the Meadowlands last week. As the trends favor the Patriots, I will go with New England, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a close shave at Gillette Stadium.

Chris’s Picks: Packers, Giants & Patriots


Buccaneers at Packers – As I’m sure you all recall, Tampa Bay is where the Green Bay stumbled last year causing all sorts of discontent from Packers fans.  Have no fear this time around as I fully expect the Packers to continue on the road to perfection, exercising exorcising the demons of two years ago with a double digit win.

Eagles at Giants – This may have been a good game at some point, but the Eagles continue to implode & Vick continues to make me look like an idiot for keeping him in my fantasy league. I’m picking the Giants not only because I think they’re the better team, but also out of spite.

Chiefs at Patriots – Part of me really wants to pick the upset here, but I haven’t had anything to drink yet today so what passes for my normal rational thought process is saying go with the Patriots.  Normally this is where I would try to say something I would think is clever about still picking the Chiefs, but I’ll spare you all and stick with the Pats.

Wally’s Picks: Packers, Giants & Patriots.


Buccaneers at Packers – In the words of @Packerken “It’s a trap!”  Or is that @jasonjwilde/Admiral Ackbar?  At any rate…We all remember meeting up with the Buccaneers. Very low point. Because of the still undefeated status the Packers enjoy, I should be worried about this game. Except for one, make that two things. First, the game is at Lambeau, which has seemed to regain its status as a fortress to opponents. Second, there’s this guy named Aaron Rodgers. He hasn’t played well against the Bucs, and he’s publicly stated that bugs him. He’ll get this monkey off his back too. Packers win.

Eagles at Giants – Mike Vick has broken ribs. Eli Manning doesn’t. That is enough for me. Giants.

Chiefs at Patriots – Well, because of my (really not helpful) expert advice last week, I am back tied for the lead of the Prognosticators.  Thank you, Greg.  Sort of.  The Patriots looked very good last week and will continue to do so…Matt Cassel is hurt, and last I heard possibly out for the year. The Patriots are playing like they’re pissed off and the Chiefs have been playing over their heads all season.  Pats win.

Colleen’s Picks: Packers, Giants & Patriots


Following the transcription of a 1:45:00 member retreat panel, my fingers and eyes are sore, stiff, exhausted, and I think my brain is broken. I now have to turn 15,000 words into a 900 word journal article to be published in less than a week. Because of that–as well as me being a major slacker when it comes to Pocket Doppler–my picks/explanations are quite short. That said, I’m not complaining…I haven’t missed since Wednesday on the mini-basketball rim/hoop in my office. John Stockton would be proud.

Buccaneers at Packers – RE: See last week’s picks… “Just another step in the 16-0 process.”

Eagles at Giants – The nightmare ensues, and the Giants hammer the worse-than-dead Philadelphia Eagles.

Chiefs at Patriots – I’m more interested in the NBA lockout. Patriots by 73.

Rich’s Picks: Packers, Giants & Patriots



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  • Rich Ward Jr.

    “Please note: As of posting, I’m still waiting on Rich’s picks so those will be added at some point once he get’s lazy, day job working ass in gear. Someone needs to get their priorities straightened out I think.”

    Too freaking true… :(

  • foundinidaho

    Aw hell, I thought I was tied for the lead now. Obviously you have to put the explanation at the top because I can’t count. No shot at the top spot this week.

  • Rich Ward Jr.

    Colleen! How did the phone interview with that company in Wisconsin turn out? Any further news?! (sorry, I’ve been absent from Twitter)

    • foundinidaho

      Rich, no news to report. Yet. ;)