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Camilla Luddington

Total Packers hands out some grades from the Packers/Vikings game .

Here’s some good news, especially after seeing Newhouse get owned on Monday, Chad Clifton Could Return In Three Games. gives their take on the Monday Night Football game, saying The Vikings Are Kinda Really Terrible.

John at Badger of Honor has part one of The Badger Basketball B-listers .

Badger Blitz on Bo Ryans’ Secret Hobby and other hoops news .

B5Q on how Badgers’ coach Bret Bielema Looks To Build On November Success

Anonymous Eagle is a little peeved at the current Marquette student body, So This Is How It’s Going To Be.

Jaymes from the Brewers Bar asks Does Matt Kemp’s new deal make Ryan Braun’s look better?

For those of you missing the NBA: Week 2 NBA News (From an Alternate Universe where the NBA exists).

Never have understood the whole zombie craze/fixation but have to say all of the entries to this Zombie Safe House Competition are friggin cool & I imagine would be Zombie Safe.

Some info on How to Schmooze Your Girlfriend’s Family.

All of these  Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Text could apply to DMing on Twitter too.

Hopefully none of you will every be in the position to use any of these Escape Tools Made by Prison Inmates .

Thinking there are a couple of the Green Bay Chill that belong in this list of the 40 Hottest Players To Grace The Lingerie Football League.

Sorry Bango – With the excitement of the Packers season, the Badgers’ football team getting back on track & now college hoops going on I sort of forgot that the NBA should have been playing games. I’ll be the first admit I’m not a huge NBA fan in general but I do like watching the Bucks, especially as once we hit the Winter months it’s usually the only thing worth watching on Friday nights. After getting caught up on the going ons with the current NBA situation, I am really starting to wonder whether or not watching those Friday night Bucks’ games will happen. This Summer when the NFL was going through something similar I never once though there wouldn’t be an NFL season, this feels different though & felt that way even before games began to get cancelled.  You would think that people, owners & players, would have taken notice when the MLB & NHL cancelled games/season and how long it took those organization to recover their fan bases & consequent revenue from it.

The real travesty here though is that Bango Buck won’t be able to defend his title as the best NBA Mascot and how do you expect him to feed his fawns now if he can’t jump through hoops from 20 ft ladders. Bango Buck, the real loser in all this.

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