• First of all, I’m going to cut to the chase and point out that the Packers have one of the few fan bases that go absolutely nuts when Matt Flynn is called up to play.
  • It’s quite fitting that his first regular season TD would be one he ran in. Hey, Matt, when all of those stinktastic teams start calling you in the off-season, remember the love you had with that Lambeau Leap. It won’t be replicated anywhere else in the other 31 teams around the league.
  • Oh, and that other guy taking snaps behind center wasn’t too shabby either. Maybe his brother is right. Maybe the Rodgesrs Boys really really are robots.
  • Not bad considering I thought this wasn’t one of his better performances.
  • That said, I’m completely spoiled and should just zip it when it comes to his productivity.
  • Seriously, 4 passing TDs, a QB rating of 140ish and a run for a net of a whopping two yards that made him the Lambeau Field Rush of the First Half was a very entertaining quarterback clinic.
  • *Facepalm* Seriously, a 2 yard rush starting deep in the backfield is worthy of such accolades? Yeah, there was much to be desired over all when it came to the running game last night. Sure, Starks had a few flashes of goodness, but Grant played like he had a fifty pound lead brick in his pants. Definitely room for improvement.
  • Speaking of improvement…hey Offensive Line, you may want to look into attaining some.
  • Still not impressed with TJ Lang. Honey, the Pack can’t score any offensive points if the QB is flat on his back praying for a spatula to peel him off the turf. Please prove to me WHY you won that starting position because from where I was seated last night, you’re still making a lot of rookie mistakes.
  • And while the O-line continued to be sub-par, Mason Crosby kept his perfect streak alive. Woo and Hoo are in order.
  • Well I guess Woodson’s rant put a fire under the Defense’s rear. Nice to see the D play consistently for four full quarters.
  • The defense was not perfect, but they were definitely the most improved last evening.
  • Loved that Matthews was able to flatten Ponder for two gloriously punishing sacks. Hello, Christian, our buddy Clay would like to help you examine the finer aspects of the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. You might as well get used to look at the blades of grass. They will be a mainstay of future visits to Titletown for you.
  • Once again the Defense was able to take Adrian Peterson out of the mix for most of the game. (They held him to 51 yards. And considering he was the only one to score, the Defense held the rest of the Viking’s hot mess of an offense to even less.
  • As @PackerBB pointed out, the great philosopher Nelson is quite appropriate in times like this with his timeless words of HA HA.
  • Tramon, keep on plugging away. You’ll get another Pick 6. Same goes for your Woodson. One more pick 6 for the grand old man from the University of Michigan, and he will tie Ron Woodson’s record. Patience, grasshopper. Good things come to those who wait.  I have no doubts this will occur by the end of the season. Love Woodson’s amped up physicality. Sure, it will draw some flags from time to time, but a lot of the time it pays off, and the other team’s QB is left pouting while the Packers once again snatch the possesion away.
  • Yeah, that deserves another Nelson Ha Ha!
  • And then there was Randall Cobb. When he’s great he’s amazing. When he makes rookie mistakes, the other team scores points and I want o pull my hair out. EYES ON THE BALL, little man. Don’t be thinking about the endzone until you are actually in it.
  • That said, how was that for announcing his presence with authority in that first punt return? Hello, Vikings, Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here. Nothing like a demoralizing, kick in the teeth type of a punt return to immediately put the Vikings in their rightful place at the beginning of a game!
  • Cobb, seriously, stop listening to God for advice when it comes to football. He may have created the universe in under a week, but he is apparently an impulsive little kid when it comes to play calling in football. I’m guessing Go High or Stay Home,  the famed STatue of LIberty and the flea flicker are the only plays in his play book. You’re better off listening to Kenny Rogers for runback advice, You’ve got to know when to hld ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run. Seriously, the old guy with one too many facelifts is offering better advice to you. But congrats on that amazing TD. It helps us stomach some of the other mistakes taht will be remedied with age and experience.
  • Finally, I’m very impressed by what a clean game this was. Only one penalty on the Packers–pass interference on Woodson.  But that’s a risk you take when he’s playing with such intensity. It’s a gamble. Sometimes it burns you in the rear, other times it adds six points to he Pack’s score.

And in other observations:

  • Jared Allen is the ugliest, most irritating sack of protoplasm in the entire NFL. And it’s not because he gets tot he quarterback. Dude, stop grandstanding when when someone else OTHER than you has hit the QB. Your celebratations would hold more weight if your hot mess of a team isnt’ down by three TDs and your offense is on life support. But, seriously, Jared, have fun watching the playoffs from a couch with your auntie the bonobo.
  • The drunk Vikings fan next to me started off irritating, but after a few beers he showed his true colors and his utter disdain for the entire Vikings organization started to show.  When it comes to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, I quote, “Sell them and buy something that is actually good!”
  • Best tweet of the game came from @AhmanGreen30 telling the Pack to put on the BAt Signal and he’s duit up to help the cause. Alas, he had second thoughts and has since deleted the post. Once a Packer Always a Packer.
  • And my husband would like to pointout that there is an EXCELLENT dose of bitter butthurt over at the Daily Norseman . Yeah, it’s definitely worth the read. Sweetie, it’s time to realize like the drunk fan next to me at the game, your team is really, truly absolutely butt stinking horrible. Get over yourself.


  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    Yeah, Pack’s D held Peterson in check, with a big assist from the Vikings game plan. Never ceases to amaze me that Minnesota seemingly has no desire to make “All Day” the featured part of their offense, especially when they’re playing a rookie QB. I mean, Toby Gerhart…seriously?! I thought it was just Childress/Favre before but the trend appears to be continuing under Frazier. So much the better for Green Bay.

  • Anita

    I only went nuts because it was a little too soon. I needed 11 more points out of Rodgers, Jennings or Nelson. One more scoring drive. Fantasy Football Issues)

    Note to Jared Allen: Most men dial down their “ME, ME, ME” copy-cat sack celebrations when their TEAM is down by 17-24 points.