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Mirjam Weichelsbraun

Kris, taking a break from the deer stand, previews tonight’s Packers/Vikings game .

Total Packers says that when Holding A Late Lead, Packers’ Defense is Dominant .

CD at CHTV asks Will McCarthy Get His Due?

The Sports Bank with some Wisconsin Badgers Rumblings; Destiny, Records and Much Much More .

Badger of Honor reviews the Badgers hoops action from Saturday,   Badgers 85, Owls 31: Three’s A Crowd

Cracked Sidewalks recaps for the first MUBB action of the year, MU draws first blood . . . wins a laugher over Mt. St. Marys.

Jim at Bernie’s Crew looks at the Best Brewers Fielders of the Decade .

Brew Hoop has some NBA Lockout News: Revised Offer Is Explained, Player Reaction Is Not .

Some of these actually seem pretty amusing & worth following, The Fourteen Best Novelty Twitter Feeds.

I don’t know, seems like pretty cool pet if you ask me: Get Your Koala, Free To A Good Home — On Craigslist .

From last week, still worth watching: Stephen Colbert, Brian Eno, and Michael Stipe form the coolest a cappella group ever .

Wait, so you mean virginal women don’t have magical powers? The Five Most Ridiculous History Lessons From “The Immortals”

Yes, I am indeed your huckleberry:  Top 10 Badass Western One-Liners .

Something to look forward to here, Sports Illustrated 2012 Swimsuit Calendar .

So Far, So Good – While no one was really expecting the Badgers hoops team to lose to Kennesaw State, the Badgers football team to have any trouble with the Gophers or Marquette to get flummoxed by Mount St. Mary it was nice to see each team totally dominate their opponents.  While the two basketball games mean little to nothing in the young college basketball season, the Badgers football win was important from the standpoint of not only maintaining ownership of Paul Bunyan’s Ax but also because Ohio State & Penn State lost. With those two developments, the Badgers football team now controls their own destiny in the Big Ten Leaders Division. If the Badgers win out, they’ll be in the inaugural Big Ten Championship game with a very probable chance of exacting some revenge on Michigan State. One more game to go this week with the Packers playing the Vikings tonight and I’m thinking the Pack will make it a sweep for Wisconsin teams.

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