Last year, each Friday the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re not sure either of those things happened. So this year, the Founding Fathers will be joined by two Pocket Doppler veterans: favored stepson Rich & Senior Angel Colleen. Like last year, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 10 the current standings are:

Wally: 22
BigSnakeMan: 21
Colleen: 21
Chris: 20
Rich: 20

Well what do you know, we have a new leader and it just happens to be me! I’d like to say it was though my in-depth knowledge of football and other things but to be truthful I took a flier on the Ravens and it panned out.  Looks like we have some good games to pick from this week so we’ll see where we stand after this week is all said and done.


(With the recent downturn in the local weather, BigSnakeMan has decided to stick close to home; a situation that’s reflected in his picks this week.  How’s that for ‘foreshadowing’?)

Lions at Bears (Make-up game) – If I’ve learned nothing else in the past two weeks of picking these NFL games (which, I concede is entirely possible), it’s to expect the unexpected.  Just when I was ready to write off the Bears (actually, I’m always ready to write off the Bears) they go into Philadelphia and beat the Dr-Eagles.  While that may not be as impressive as it sounds, the Bears have shown some signs of life lately.  Normally I’d be inclined to lean toward Detroit with the way they’ve been playing but Chicago is usually better at home.  Wally took a flier on Baltimore last week and it paid off; I’m thinking the same surprise could be sprung in Chicago this weekend.

Patriots at Jets – Regular readers of this space (and I’m sure both of you know who you are) know well of my “respect and admiration” for Jets head coach Rex Ryan.  So it would follow that I’m always loathe to pick them to win.  Patriots need a win (sounds weird, doesn’t it?) and if this game were in Foxboro, I’d go with them.  But until they find some semblance of a defense, I think New York can do enough on offense against them to come away with a win at home.

Vikings at Packers – Minnesota has given a lot of consideration to their quarterback position and finally seems to have found a solution with all that Ponder-ing (yeah, you might as well start getting used to that).  The play of rookie Chris has provided them with a glimmer of hope, though their recently dismal output from that spot would almost make T.J. Rubley look good in comparison.  Green Bay has been relying on the play of Aaron Rodgers to help them outscore their opponents; at least he should have an appreciation for how Lynn Dickey used to feel.  In a backward sort of way, the Packers struggles on defense could be working for them in keeping them from complacency despite their unblemished record.  The Packers defense (or, more accurately, lack thereof) will cost them a game or two down the road.  But not this week.

BigSnakeMan’s Picks:  Bears, Jets, and Packers


Lions at Bears (Make-up game) – Coming off a MNF win the Bears have to be feeling pretty good about themselves. Coming off a BYE week still without Jahvid Best, not so sure how the Lions will be feeling. While the Lions have come back to Earth a little from a stellar start, the Bears seem to be now on the upswing.  The Lions won the first match-up between these teams, but seeing as this time it’ll be in Soldier Field I need to go with the home team here & the Bears coming out on top.

Patriots at Jets – I don’t really know what to make of either of these teams. The Jets are so inconsistent that trying to get a gauge on them week in, week out is an exercise in futility. As for the Patriots, you pretty much know what you’re going to get which is a good offense performance combined with a lackluster defensive one (sound familiar?).  In this case, I have to go with the team I think has more overall talent and that would be the Patriots.

Vikings at Packers – This should be an easy pick, Packers hands down. The gnawing in my gut though says this game is the trap-game everyone has been worrying about in the back of their minds. Division foe, rookie QB, big MNF stage…a loss here would be embarrassing for the Packers.  Luckily, that ain’t gonna happen, Packers by a bunch.

Wally’s Picks: Bears, Patriots & Packers


Lions at Bears (Make-up game) – I am not sure at what point I will become a believer in the Lions. There is no doubt they are improved, but yet I still think of them as, well, the Lions. This is will be great test for them, playing on the road against what has to be considered a good Bears team. I am one of those who think Jay Cutler is a good QB, I like Matt Forte and believe CHI’s defense can still get it done. Given those biases, I am picking the Bears to win, but I don’t think that is a lock: DET has a nice QB, a great WR and a fierce DL. I will say this, however: If the Lions manage to handle CHI at Solider Field, it might be time for me to start believing in DET.

Patriots at Jets – I believe NE is the better team. Yet both clubs stand at 5-3 at the halfway point. The issue for the Pats, of course, is a defense that is even worse than the Packers. So that sets up an interesting matchup: NY’s sluggish offense v. NE’s sad defense on one side of the ball, and NE’s slick offense v. the Jets plus defense. That looks like a stalemate to me, so I will give the close nod to the home team, picking the Jets, even as I struggle to imagine NE losing for a third straight week and falling to 5-4.

Vikings at Packers – After yet another defensive pratfall in San Diego last week, I can’t see how GB will go far in the post-season let alone go undefeated. It says here the Pack will fall at some point (I think as many as three times the second half of the season), but I don’t think it will be at home on Monday night against a rookie QB making his third professional start. MN is wise in Pondering its future, and I think the Packers will face many a Christian crusade in the years to come. But it’s hard for me to believe that inquisition will start this Monday night. But, then again, no one expects that sort of thing, so the Pack is advised not to sleep on the Vikings as surprise is their chief weapon.

Chris’s Picks: Bears, Jets & Packers


Lions at Bears (Make-up game) – Now that Chief Wally has the clear cut lead out of the Prognosticators, I expect him to rub his crystal ball, pick every game right and pick ones that I’m so emotionally hung up on (whenever possible) that I’ll miss right and left.  So be it.

Obviously I want the Bears to win this game.  We need breathing room from the Lions for the home field advantage throughout the playoffs and the Bears already have two NFC North losses (and facing them at Lambeau at Christmas does not concern me overmuch).

The Bears  are so up and down as a team, but “Good Jay” Cutler was on display last week, even with his totally uncomfortable after game interview (someone please give that kid some social behavior training, he’s screaming for it) and I’m sure that the Bears have planted Soldier Field with more of those lovely threatening pieces of metal that will impale some unfortunate Lion player, so I’m picking the Bears.  I hope @Da_Grabowski is happy now.

Patriots at Jets – Here’s how it went down.  I needed help.  I went to an expert.

“I really don’t know on this one. Leaning to yes RT @foundinidaho: I need help. @gregabedard, are the Pats going to win this week?”

After I say I’m leaning the same way, I get from my wise sage:

@foundinidaho “Patriots could easily get killed.”

If Greg Bedard doesn’t know who’s going to win this game, how the hell should I?  That man’s full time job is paying attention to games like this.  I’m going to say the Patriots got rid of their dead weight (how happy am I the Bucs picked up Haynesworth? VERY) and say therefore they will win.

Vikings at Packers – Unlike whoever that IDIOT is over at ESPN, I do not believe the Vikings will win this.  Could they score some points?  Sure, it’s possible, they did when Ponder made his first start.  But I doubt it.  The defense is livid after last week, and Charles Woodson’s pointed comments will make their way into practice and the locker room.  I think we see an invigorated defense and the same offense we’ve been enjoying all year.  (P.S. Aaron and Greg, I could REALLY use a big day from each of you.  I have to win Spud Bowl 11 and defeat that upstart @getacoop.)  Packers win.

Colleen’s Picks: Bears, Patriots & Packers


With economic pressures continuing to place financial constraints on healthcare organizations, seeking potential avenues for consolidation and streamlining while eliminating unnecessary expenditures has become imperative to the continued financial viability of hospitals and health systems. Toward this end, many providers have sought methods for standardizing processes and workflows within the business office, which can help avoid potential overlaps in responsibilities, eliminate communication barriers, and increase motivation among staff to make necessary operational changes. The Academy’s recent report, Creating a Streamlined and Consistent Front-End Process: Best Practices in Standardization and Consolidation, features a number of strategies providers are utilizing to maximize efficiency on the back end enabling staff to reduce duplicate work and extraneous expenses…

…What just happened? Did I black out? My apologies, the new job has invaded my brain and consumed nearly all of my formerly available free time. I have been M.I.A. from PocketDoppler for an extended period of time now, and I wanted to issue a sincere apology for offering little to no explanation. I recently moved to Milwaukee to research write, analyze and edit for The Academy of Healthcare Revenue, a Zimmerman Company.

As you know, here we blog about sports. Occasionally we drift into pop culture and other media venues, but one thing I have never delved into: healthcare. And that’s what my new job revolves around, specifically the financial areas of the revenue cycle. Because of that, I have spent nearly every available moment attempting to begin to understand and eventually, fully comprehend all that goes on within the revenue cycle. Ay, what a mess. That, and locating an apartment, setting up at a new bank, car shopping, business-attire shopping, familiarizing myself with the area, etc…It’s been a grueling (yet exciting) process.

In less words, I miss everyone! I’m sorry for disappearing and providing little-to-no contribution here for quite some time. It’s unfortunate how life tends to get in the way of the things we love sometime. Obviously things carry on as if I were never here, thanks to the excellent work of Wally and other PD staff. You guys are great, and I enjoy plowing through your work each and every day. Other than, I do hope to get back to the running diary soon. If not in the next couple weeks, I vow not to miss the playoffs.

Oh, and one more thing! I ran to and around Miller Park the other day while out jogging. The entire stadium was lit up, with the field completely visible through the windows. What a beautiful area. If anyone ever makes it this way and needs somewhere to crash, my guest room is always available.

Lions at Bears – Jay Cutler’s coming out party last week was…yeah right! Bah, after listening to Gruden and Jaws fawn over how Cutler has “possibly the strongest arm in the NFL,” I grew excruciatingly close to sicking up. Everyone pointing out Cutler’s interception-less game, like they’ve never heard the words “you’re not supposed to throw it to the other team” and as if it was some kind of monumental achievement, has me rolling. I haven’t the slightest idea who’s going to pull this game out. The Bears are at home, with momentum, but Calvin Johnson boasts talents I’m not sure I have ever seen before.

Alright then, go Lions!

Patriots at Jets – Not this time, Rex. After New England fell to the Giants and New York ground-out their 3rd straight victory, I almost had the urge to hop back on the Jet-wagon. But no, Sanchez isn’t taking them to the promise land any time soon. My gut says the jets, but my foot says New England in a toe nail-biter.

Vikings at Packers – Just another step in the 16-0 process.

Rich’s picks: Lions, Patriots & Packers


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  • BigSnakeMan

    Chris: “…the Pack is advised not to sleep on the Vikings as surprise is their chief weapon.”
    -Which is good since no one really ‘fears’ them right now.


    At least now we know what you’ve been up to–putting people to sleep. ;)

    Actually, I just assumed you’d joined me in semi-retirement.

  • Colleen

    I’m going to kill Bedard if the Patriots lose. ;)

    • Rich Ward Jr.

      Yup, serving up naps for 1,000 hospital and health systems nationwide, even several in Hawaii. ;)