This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Bond Girls.

Famke Janssen (GoldenEye)

Total Packers touches on the topic of the Packers Discussing an Undefeated Season .

Lombardi Ave wonders if Aaron Rodgers can get any better?

Looking for somewhere to nurse your New Years Even hangover? How about a box at Lambeau Field?   If you win though, you had better be inviting me along.

The Badgers hoops team got a boost for 2012 with Sam Dekker signing his letter of intent to play for the Badgers & Bo Ryan .

Taking a look back at battles for Paul Bunyan’s Ax in photos .

Cracked Sidewalks continuing their preseason roundtable, who is irreplaceable for the Golden Eagles .

Anonymous Eagle has their player profile on Jae Crowder .

Seeing as Week 10 starts tonight, Fantasy Football Start em, Sit em Advice for Week 10 .

I used to love the parachute, it was awesome: The 15 Greatest Gym Class Activities .

Always an important topic, The Evolution of Cheerleaders .

If you’re gotta go, go doing something fun, right? Minus this first one and the horse, that’s just wrong, 11 Unbelievably Insane Deaths During Sex.

This isn’t much of a concern lately because, well…because I hardly leave the house but in the good ole days it was: Please Don’t Hang Out With Me If You Have A Boyfriend .

Not sure what to tip back at any given moment? can help based on whatever you’re listening to right now.

I would totally live in this, The Eco-Friendly Hobbit House Of Wales.

New Candice Swanepoel photos.

Well, Lookie There…NFL Football – It’ November which means not only Thanksgiving is coming soon but also the return of Thursday night NFL action. Tonight’s action isn’t necessarily thrilling with Oakland & San Diego but it’s better than the alternative…which would be no football.  What did San Diego do to get such a rough couple weeks though? I mean a two out of the last three games on short rest? At least the last two of this stretch are at home but still, seems a little brutal.  In any case, as a favor to my esteemed commissioner colleague Dick ‘Effing’ Chang …don’t forget to set your line-ups for tonight if you have anyone playing on either of these teams.

The latest installment of Ask An Angel will be up this early afternoon so make sure to stop back for that.

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  • Colleen

    I WOULD set my line up if “Dick Effin Chang” would approve my trade. Damn Commissioners.