• Who was the whizbang that claimed that it never rains in San Deigo? Oh yeah, this guy . File him under Fire, Pants On.
  • A bit of a pokey start for the defense. I know that San Deigo is two hours behind and there was this whole daylight savings thing going on this past weekend, but good god Wake up!
  • For the love of god, Aaron, how long is that iron-clad memory of yours? You lead with your feet not your face!
  • Finley with an early touchdown. Keep that up, Senor YOTTO and you may get a contract extension by the end of this season. That said, no one other than people on Twitter know what he’s spelling out in his victory dance. Actually his performance really helped his cause to extend that contract. When his head is in the game, he is a powerful weapon.
  • Charlie Peprah’s beautiful Pick 6 was courtesy of one punishing block from Clay Matthews, which underscores that Matthews’ role on the field is so much more than rushing the QB. No one seems to remember that and declares him not as effective. Haters, it’s time for you to watch a little film n’est pas?
  • And then there was Tramon Williams’ heat seeking missle of an INT for another touchdown. Something clicked with the secondary during the bye week. Not sure what, but I’ll take it.
  • Let’s see if we can have a hat trick of Pick 6′s.
  • Tackling was sloppy. Even with the rain, there’s no excuses for that many missed tackles.
  • Beyond sloppy. Bishop was mismatched the entire game against Gates? Sad to see there wasn’t any adjustment to because he was burning the defense at every opportunity.
  • The defense needs to reexamine the blitz. How come they couldn’t get to Phil Rivers?
  • Don’t let Walden’s sack blind you. His coverage sucked otherwise. Seemed like he was usually three steps and about two seconds behind on stopping the play.
  • Sure, Rodgers ate too many sacks when he couldn’t decide whether to fish or cut bait, when when backed against the wall he’s still pretty darn amazing at pulling the rabbit out of the proverbial hat. That long bomb to Jordy in the fourth quarter could not have been more beautiful even if it had been option one on that play. Wow.
  • Aaron Rodgers continues to be playing on a different level than the other 31 quarterbacks in the league. Not sure how he completes some of those passes. My only criticism would be how he tries to avoid the sack. Stop dancing around and thinking you can break free. You’re  a scrawny kid from Chico. Enough with the double twisting buttsmack thinking you’ll be able to turn an negative eight into a three yard gain. Just eat the turf or get rid of the ball.
  • But the criticism aside, is there anyone else playing with such perfection?
  • Wait, there’s one Packer: Mason Crosby. The streak is alive at 22 consecutive field goals. Too bad the Crimson Tide didn’t have such a reliable kicker lat night.
  • Good god, TJ Lang, did you not watch The Blind Side? You protect your QB like he’s family! Remember that cute little baby of yours? Picture your child when you’re trying to protect Rodgers. Would you let that baby get squashed the way you let Rodgers get flattened?
  • Woodson is still aggressive as usual, but he’s continuing to draw some stupid penalties. I know there is always that risk when you’re going to be playing aggressive ball, but come on.
  • The defense looked exhausted tonight.  Still having a hard time wrapping my lobes around the fact that Rodgers still managed to throw four touchdowns.  Weird, considering it didn’t feel like he was on the field all that much. Felt like the D was on the field for fifty minutes.
  • But as the Pack had done so many times in the waning minutes of games last winter, the winning streak was saved with an interception. Wished Peprah could have made it about seven more yards for a second Pick 6.  In the end it didnt matter. He saved the day and the streak remains alive!
  • This was the ugliest game of the season thus far. But a win is a win. There are no style points in football for a reason. The Cheese Still Stands Alone. No, that doesn’t get old.
  • Lots of work to do. The secondary has eight more games to get in a groove and figure themselves out sans Nick Collins. The OLB role still needs a more permanent fix to its current mess, and the Offensive Line needs to dig deep and make due with what they have. Doubt we’ll even be talking about Clifton returning until Christmas. Lots of work in the next few weeks, but I think there is still plenty of time for all of the parts to come together.

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  • Mark

    TJ Lang and the packers o-line needs to be like the the secret service protect #12 like he’s the president.
    Defense needs to go back to the fundamentals (go down after a pick late in the 4th, tackle (looking at you Sam and AJ))
    Special teams needs to not have Mason tackle a returner on a kickoff
    And the receivers need to look the ball in and catch it

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  • Colleen

    I actually thought the defense showed a little bit more fire than they had in previous weeks. It isn’t perfect, but they’re getting fired up now, and Tramon is healing up. Things will get better. But damn I miss Cullen Jenkins.