This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Tempe 12 selections.

Codi Sichling

Lombardi Ave looks at how the Packers defense looking to improve against the run .

Some snippet’s from yesterday’s Mike McCarthy press conference, Neal Could Practice Next Week, Clifton Still “Multiple Weeks Out”.

Badger Blitz on why distractions now at a minimum for Badgers’ Peter Knoz & the rest of the team.

This weekend the UW Leaders Hope To Get Badgers Back On Track.

Cracked Sidewalks says the Proposed new Big East equal to ACC in football; better than SEC & Pac10 in hoops.

Bernie’s Crew presents their 2011 NL SP Rankings: NL Rotations.

Brew Hoop on The European adventures of Jon Leuer, Ersan Ilyasova and Chris Douglas-Roberts.

Courtside Analyst ponders Will Milwaukee Bucks eventually become the new Kentucky Colonels?

Seeing as it’s Movember, Greatest Cartoon-Character Mustaches and Beards.

Um yeah, Tom Jones as James Bond? Things You Probably Don’t Know About Bond .

Proud to say I’ve never, ever used a single one of these hashtags, Twitter Trends That Explain How Sad Our Society Is .

Poor Jenn Brown was stuck in a bathroom yesterday & kept us informed by Tweeting about the whole experience .

More intuitive than just the sock on the handle, More Specific Roommate Door Signals .

Meet Elisabeth van Tergouw , she’s from Holland I guess.

Let the Speculation Begin – We’re coming up on a week since the MLB season ended and already the Hot Stove reports are coming out. I know that it’s the middle of both the pro & college football seasons & college basketball will be starting soon but this will be an interesting off-season for the Brewers.  Unless there’s a very big change of heart, we know Prince is gone so there’s the question of who will be replacing him along with much of the bullpen.  The Brewers’ starting pitching staff remains largely intact for next year, so that’s one area were Brewers GM Doug Melvin & owner Mark Attanasio shouldn’t have to worry about too much (ignoring the NLCS performances in that statement). Melvin & Attanasio surprised us all last year with the acquisitions they made & we’ll all be curious to see what they have up their collective sleeves for this year.

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