According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Corey Provus is leaving the Milwaukee Brewers and will become the primary radio voice of the Minnesota Twins.

I first listened to Provus as the pre-game host (and 6th inning play-by-play announcer) for the Chicago Cubs. As he has matured as an announcer (Provus is only 33) he has toned down his over-the-top enthusiasm and depended more on his baseball acumen (which is pretty sharp). He has worked well with Bob Uecker, allowing Uecker to be the main attraction, serving as the set-up man and allowing Uecker to expound on his lengthy, entertaining stories. He was tremendous during the playoffs, with his strong voice resounding clearly over the deafening crowd roar at Miller Park.

Provus will be missed. Who will take his place? My vote, again, is for Craig Coshun. He has worked in the market for many years and likely will stay. His work on television has improved over the years and he was provided numerous opportunities to serve as the play-by-play voice during the season. Give the local guy a chance.


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  • Chris

    This is disconcerting as I am still mourning the loss of Jim Powell!

    I warmed up to Provus and I thought he was really coming into his own. He’s earned the new gig–good for him, bad for those of us whose favorite way to consume baseball is on the radio.

  • Philip

    Matt Vasgersian

    • BigSnakeMan

      I wish…

      but don’t think there’s any way he’s leaving MLB for a small market radio gig.