This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Tempe 12 selections.

Mar Hummer

Max from Purple Pants, Green Jersey has A Plus For Packers Mike McCarthy.

This won’t bode well for the supersitius lot: The Packers are on SI … again .

ACME Packing Company looks at the Packers-Chargers Series History.

B5Q on how the Badgers are going back to basics .

Anonymous Eagle continuing on with their 2011-12 Player Previews: #0 Jamil Wilson .

The Brewers Bar presents The 2011 Brewers Blogosphere Awards .

From new Miller Park Drunk Author Tyler Maas… Finding A Place For Yunie B. in 2012 .

Ahhh…here we go: Kardashian-Humphries Divorce News Receives Taiwanese Animation Treatment .

Five Characters Who Are Sexier Than The Actors Who Play Them …just looking in a mirror browsing through this list.

Most of these Hilarious Wedding Photos are pretty good, not sure if they’re all ‘hilarious’ but still amusing.

My favorite one of these Tricks and Cliches That Have Been Constant Through Video Game History is ‘There’s always something behind the waterfall.’…because it’s true.

This should keep you busy for awhile: The 100 women we’re most thankful for in 2011 .

I could go along with this statement: Rosie Jones Is Hotter Than Keeley Hazell.

Sure Sound Nice – In Jason Wilde’s article here , you’re presented a rather mature & likeable Jermichael Finley. You can’t help but like Finley’s comments on the Green Bay, the community, the Packers & his desire to be a ‘Packer for life’. The question is of course are these the comments of an increasingly media-savvy player or actually sincere thoughts & sentiments. My best guess is somewhere in the middle.  There’s no denying Finley’s talent and importance to the Packers. Whether or not Thompson values that talent & importance in the same range as Finley & his agent are yet to be determined, as is whether or not an extension is offered yet this year. If I were a betting man, I’m saying that extension may be discussed but will not happen and we will see the franchise tag applied to Finley next year.  What happens from there, it’s anyone’s guess.

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  • Chris

    I loved the left-handed compliment Finley gave to GB! But other than that, it was an impressive performance. I would be more inclined to buy if it wasn’t so at odds with his previous actions.