I figured something out after reading the Twitter reaction to the news the Packers will be featured on the upcoming Sports Illustrated cover.

Anita, Kelly and I got flipped a bunch of dung not long ago for believing in the Madden Curse. I wish I’d saved all those tweets, because I’m sure that more than a few of you that thought we were silly as we actively campaigned to save QB1′s ass were the ones crying in your beer about this news.

Here’s a mere sampling of some of the more nervous nellies on Twitter (I’ve omitted the handles to protect the ninnies innocent):

“Packers are on the cover of SI this week? Great. #doomed”

(next, someone retweeting the above and adding) “This. Ugh. Stupid curse!”

“Oh good, the #Packers are on the cover of Sports Illustrated. #jinx”

“Burning my upcoming issue of SI. I love the Packers enough to buy into the superstitious SI Curse nonsense.”

“Sports Illustrated better not jinx the Packers.”

Really guys? You need to get your black sports magic straight. It’s really important to differentiate between your sports curses. You’ve got two kinds. You’ve got your life threatening, Avada Kedavra killing type sports curse, also known as The Madden Curse. Ask Peyton Hillis . Ask these guys.

Then, you’ve got the garden variety, Urban Legendish, Tinky Winkyish (no offense, Tinky), Bippity Boppity Boo Curse. Which is the Sports Illustrated Cover Curse. (one example that’s listed – “Jimmie Johnson had an accident at Charlotte Motor Speedway in the Bank of America 500, jeopardizing his chance of a sixth consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup championship.” REALLY? HE WON THE SIXTH CHAMPIONSHIP. Oooooo, scary. Wait, I forgot, NASCAR isn’t a sport. Therefore, if this “curse” applies to NASCAR, what the hell are you people worried about? ) The Packers made the cover during the ’96 season and then went to win that third Lombardi trophy. That’s not a curse, that’s a joke. Think about it.

The Madden Curse is focused, evilly, on one sport. And boy, does it like to kick the particular player in question’s patootie. (We say patootie in Idaho. Deal with it.) As Wikipedia notes, “In fact, since 2001, Larry Fitzgerald is the only player not to suffer an extreme decline in performance immediately after appearing on the game’s cover.” Extreme? No. But his team’s performance sure has suffered since then. Have you watched any of the Cardinals’ games this year? Oy. Maybe if Daryn Colledge had been on the cover of SI, I’d believe in that curse.

If Rodgers had ended up on the Madden cover, as Anita says, we’d be discussing the mobility of Matt Flynn, Aaron Rodgers’ season ending injury; and if we could overtake the Lions in the playoffs. With the SI Curse? We’re going to be discussing how soon we can lock home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Which I am already doing, by the way.

Now, you ninnies, get some Scooby snacks, put your sports curses in their proper categories and quit worrying about the ones that don’t matter. Like this one.

Go Pack Go.


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  • Anita

    Also, the Packers appeared on several SI covers last year, and we know how that turned out. Also, Clay Matthews appeared on the SI NFL Preview issue this season. 8-0, baby.

    And I believe that Michael Jordan holds the record for appearances on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Six NBA championship rings, an Olympic Gold Medal, and how many MVP awards? Uh. Yeah.

    Good thing he’s never been on Madden, though!

    The SI curse has mellowed with age.

  • http://cheeseheadtv.com/eat_more_cheese John Rehor

    The dreaded SI curse.

    One of if not the dumbest things I have ever heard of.

    Within minutes of posting the cover pic on my Facebook page, i was getting comments essentially saying the Packers were doomed now that they have graced the cover.

    last I checked, they were on the cover after the NFC Championship Game-that worked out pretty good. And I think that game was just a bit more important than the game they have coming up against the Chargers.

    Everyone needs to take a breath-its a magazine. They are professional athletes. They know how to overcome adversity, and the least of which is a magazine cover.

  • Anita

    William Henderson agrees with us! He just said on G&G Today that there is no SI Jinx, but HE BELIEVES in the Madden Curse!

    You gotta love Will!!

  • Colleen

    Honestly, and this may be surprising, but I’d never heard of the SI curse until just now. And I laughed before even researching it, because it’s, what, a WEEKLY magazine? If there was any whisper of a real curse, no athlete would want to appear on the cover.

    Although I do know when they did a cover story about the curse, they wanted Kurt Warner to pose for the cover photo (#13) and he wouldn’t do it. I thought that was funny.