This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Tempe 12 selections.

Stephanie Turtur

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The only thing worthwhile from The Bleacher Report: 50 Sexiest Sports Hottie TwitPics .

Good, Bad or Meh? – The Chargers, this weekend’s Packers opponent, dropped a game to the semi-lowly Chiefs last night in Monday Night Football. Is this good or bad for the Packers who will be playing in San Diego this weekend? Most likely doesn’t mean a thing.  Sure, the Chargers will be stinging a bit & want to get back on track while at home but if you’re to believe what you see/read all teams give it their all for each game. While losing last night may lend a bit of motivation, it’s still the play on the field which will determine the outcome & this could actually work in the Packers favor as the Chargers may be pressing to get that win at home. We’ll have to wait till the weekend but at least this week we can talk about the upcoming Packers’ football game, much better than last.

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  • Brian

    San Diego isn’t in panic mode, but it was a tough divisional loss last night. If the Chargers fall behind early to Green Bay, the pressure could start to build on them. If the Packers can come out firing after the bye week, they shouldn’t have too many problems