This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Tempe 12 selections.

Amber Houser

CD talks about how 7-0 Still Doesn’t Feel Quite Perfect .

Zach over at All Green Bay Packers is Answering 5 Bye Week Questions on the Defense, Schedule.

From Bucky’s 5th Quarter, HEARTBROKEN AGAIN.

Badger of Honor with more on Saturdays Badger’s loss, Wisconsin Football?

Cracked Sidewalks with Part 3 of The Rest of the Big East .

Nicholas at Bernie’s Crew has some Thoughts on Parity.

Not too surprising here as the  Brewers decline option on Yuni Betancourt.

Brew Hoop asks What highlights did we miss from the Bucks’ cancelled games?

Most of these make sense, Popular Candy and Their Sports Equivalents .

Best ESPN College Game Day sign ever , no contest.

I believe the Slutty Pumpkin returns tonight on HIMYM, TV shows with the best Halloween specials .

I’m all about decorating the house for Christmas, never have understood doing the same for Halloween. That being said, some good work here in these Awesome Halloween Light Shows .

Still Sucks – Two weeks in a row, two loses on last second touchdown passes.  Once again the Badgers got our hopes up only to crush those them, leaving us in stunned disbelief. As Mike said yesterday, there’s still a possibility of winning the division and get into the first Big Ten Championship game, but games like Saturday allow for more than a sliver of doubt to creep in.  On the bright side, the Packers’ BYE week has come and gone so we can try bury our angst with the Badgers & devote that energy towards the anticipation of seeing the Green & Gold back on the field this coming Sunday.

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