Last year, each Friday the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re not sure either of those things happened. So this year, the Founding Fathers will be joined by two Pocket Doppler veterans: favored stepson Rich & Senior Angel Colleen. Like last year, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Entering into Week 8 the current standings are:

BigSnakeMan: 20
Colleen: 19
Rich: 18
Wally: 18
Chris: 18

The ‘chalk talk’ continued last week, although we all guessed wrong on the Monday night game but really, who didn’t.  Finally this week we have a couple games which could go either way & also our second ‘make-up game’ of the season with the Packers on the BYE.


Patriots at Steelers (Make-up Game) - New England Tight End (no pun intended) Rob Gronkowski decided to put his own spin on “The Patriot Way” this week by having a photo op with a porn star star dressed in his jersey.  Gronkowski apologized to team owner Robert Kraft and said he was totally focused on the Steelers.  Maybe he should have another look at that picture.  Pittsburgh is 5-2 but has fattened up on a weak schedule and hasn’t looked particularly good in doing so.  I’ll take a sexually charged Patriots team to steal a rare visitor win at Heinz Field.

Cowboys at Eagles – Finally, a primetime game worth watching….even if it is between two overhyped and underachieving teams.  The loser of this game figures to have a serious blow dealt to its already questionable playoff hopes.  Dallas finally seems to have found a running game to take the pressure off QB Tony Romo, though rookie DeMarco Murray’s big game came at home against the Rams so it’s difficult to know if it’s really legitimate.  Normally, I would take the desperate Eagles at home but I don’t think this game matches up well for Philly.  The Dallas’ defense is good enough to stop the run and put pressure on forlorn Philly QB Michael Vick.  Philadelphia, on the other wing, isn’t very good against the run; if the Cowboys remain committed to it and Romo doesn’t do anything stupid, they should be like DDT to the Eagles.

Chargers at Chiefs – ….and then it’s back to the dregs with this AFC Worst matchup.  On paper, this game doesn’t look so bad.  But, if the games were played on paper, they’d have to play in slippers to keep from tearing up the field.  Which is kind of the way these two teams look anyway.  San Diego had a chance to prove it was for real last week and they ended up getting “dis-Charged” by the Jets.  And no amount of proof will convince me that Kansas City is, despite the fact that they’ve reeled off 3 consecutive wins against Triple-A competition; the most recent of which was against an Oakland team that tried to play an entire game without a quarterback while not even using the ‘wild-cat’.  San Diego barely got by the Chiefs at home earlier in the season, but I expect them to win here mostly because, well, someone has to win this division.  The Chiefs won’t be brave enough to stage a massacre in this one.

BigSnakeMan’s Picks:  Patriots, Cowboys & Chargers


Patriots at Steelers (Make-up Game) – This has the makings of a great matchup–the NFL’s best passing attack (NE) v. the league’s best defense against the pass (PIT). In some ways, the Pats remind me of the Packers: Great offense, sketchy defense — NE is the only team giving up more yards against the pass than GB. While I think the Patriots are a better team than PIT, I believe this matchup favors the Steelers, particularly as they are playing at home. I will take PIT in a mild upset.

Cowboys at Eagles – Another good match up, pitting the NFL’s best rushing game (PHL) v. the league’s best defense at stopping the run (Sallad). Both of these teams are disappointments to this point, the Iggles more so than da ‘boyz. Both QBs are turnover prone. The mob that is PhillyPhan is calling for Barabbas instead of Andy Reid. An interesting stew is cooking. To me, this looks like a push, but I will go PHL because they are playing at home (and they likely fear the riot that would ensue following a loss).

Chargers at Chiefs – Another game that looks mighty close to me. After starting off 0-3 and looking like the  doormat’s doormat, KC rebounded to win its next three, including a 28-Zip boatrace of OAK last Sunday. SD is coming off a tough cross-country, west-to-east loss to the Jets. KC is going to have to run the ball effectively as their 30th ranked passing game is going to be challenged v. the Chargers 3rd ranked pass defense. Chefs will have home cooking on their side, but I expect they will be paddling upstream v. Phillip Rivers. I’ll take SD to tune up for their game next week v. GB with a close win on the road in KC.

Chris’s Picks: Steelers, Eagles & Chargers


Patriots at Steelers (Make-up Game) – Finally a game that could really go either way. The Patroits are not unlike the Packers this year, with a stellar offense and a suspect defense. The equalizer here I think will actually who is playing where, so logic dictates picking the Steelers on their home court. I however am seldomly logical in my actions so will take the Patriots on the road.

Cowboys at Eagles – While neither of these teams are living up to potential (although I think the Cowboy’s potential was a pipedream anyway), the Eagles seem to be playing somewhat better than a poor first half of the season & are coming off a BYE as well.  Here I’m going with the home team though and just because Vick is my fantasy QB.

Chargers at Chiefs – I’m going to take a flyer on this one and say the Chiefs win at home. Why? Really no reason other than someone has to start taking flyers or the damn standings are going to stay the same all year.

Wally’s Picks: Patriots, Eagles & Chiefs


Patriots at Steelers (Make-up Game) – The Patriots and the Steelers are atop the AFC standings.  One of these teams could very well be who the Packers face in the Super Bowl.  (What, you have doubt about that point?  What is wrong with you?) Therefore, I want them to beat the holy hell out of each other.  I don’t like Ben Rapelisberger and I can’t stand Tommy Bieber.   They’re playing in Pittsburgh, which is a tough place to get a win, and the Patriots are only slightly favored.  Either way, I hate the winner, but I’m trying to overtake BigSnakeMan in the PDP standings, so I’m picking the Steelers.

Cowboys at Eagles – This is another one of Wally’s ideas where he types in the matchup and then sits with an evil grin, knowing that I at least will be wailing and gnashing my teeth.  Neither one of these teams are very good.  Again, really can’t stand either one of them.  But Dallas marginally sucks less and while they do call themselves America’s Team (what a joke) they did not dub themselves the Dream Team (Vince Young, you look like even more of an idiot now than you did the moment those words flew out of your mouth).  Ugh, I hate even typing this, but the Cowboys win.

Chargers at Chiefs – This might be an interesting game.  The Chargers are not quite what I expected them to be, but they aren’t bad, either; and seeing as this is who the Packers have their target on as far as being the next opponent, I’m likely to actually watch this game. The Chiefs, again an upcoming opponent of the Packers, have shown signs of life and are on a winning streak.  However, the Chargers are coming off a loss and are probably looking for someone to take it out on.  I think the Chargers take this one.

Colleen’s Picks: Steelers, Cowboys & Chargers


Patriots at Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger is a terrible, disgusting human being. On New England and the almighty Wes “defying every, single, stereotype, EVER” Welker.

Cowboys at Eagles – Dan Patrick brought up an excellent question to Rich Eisen on The Dan Patrick Show this morning. He asked Eisen which quarterback this game means more to, Mike Vick or Tony Romo. The Eagles are already basement-dwelling, so another loss here, at home, would shred any thread of hope Vince Young has of watching the “dream team” compete for a Superbowl championship. On the other hand, Tony Romo has been throwing games away faster than JaMarcus Russel can pop stuffed crabcakes and purple drank shots down his uncomfortably bloated gullet. If he loses another division game, the whispers of Romo being merely a 1st half quarterback who can’t clinch when the pressure is turned on will only continue multiply. It’s a must win for both quarterbacks, but I haven’t a clue which one will show up in the 4th quarter to seal a victory. this game has coin toss written all over it. Heads, Philly wins.

Chargers at Chiefs – The Chargers usually play down a few levels when facing opponents of a lesser talent level, so I fully expect this to be a close match. But the Chefs (“That’s great, but who are the Chefs?”) are terrible. San Diego has to pull this one out, right?

Rich’s picks: Patriots, Eagles & Chargers


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