Here’s what we need…you.  No, not you…the person over on the left…no, our left…yes, you right there.  The one who loves UW Badgers football, hoops & athletics in general.  Oh, and you too…the one that is still depressed right now about the Brewers and desperately needs an outlet to express those hopes and dreams of what will come during the offseason, Hot Stove League & next year.  Then there’s you in the back…the one that loves the NBA & the Bucks but really has nothing to do right now, buck up buddy (pun intended), there’ll be games eventually & you’ll want a place to share your thoughts about them.  Finally, there’s you…yes, you …the one standing next to the Badgers fan wearing your blue & maize Marquette uni shooting daggers at them because, well…because you’re a Marquette fan and you’re conditioned to hate all things UW.

So all of you, what are you doing on the sidelines when you could be contributing to the #1 Wisconsin Sports Blog site out there?  The site & people that helped launch Throwback Weekend.  The same site that is home to the increasingly famous Pocket Doppler Angels.  The same site you’re reading right now.  You may be asking, what’s in it for me? The answer to that is a chance to join an ever growing site which already has prominence that is increasing every day. You’ll also be part of a group of pretty cool, special people who I personally consider to be a second family, but better than a normal family as you actually want to hang out with them and they won’t ask to borrow money.  Finally, once you pass your double secret probation there’s a free coffee mug & t-shirt in it for you.

What’s your next step?  Email me a sample of your work on the Badgers, Brewers, Bucks or Golden Eagles and we’ll take it from there.


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