This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NHL Ice Girls.

Phoenix Coyotes

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Good way to end the links today, Kerry Morgan .

Blah – We wait so long, then get so excited for football season to start. This year it’s even more awesome with the way the Packers are playing but then the inevitable hits…the BYE Week. We all know it’s coming, but we conveniently choose to ignore it, because we know that while there will be football being played, it’s not the Packers playing.  The Thursday of the BYE week seems the worst too. You’ve talked about and gone over everything you possibly can from the Sunday before.  Normally we’d now begin to turn our attention towards the coming weeks’ opponent, but this week there isn’t one. Sure, we could start looking at the Badgers’ opponent for Saturday, but let’s face it the Buckeyes aren’t what they used to be so it’s a little hard to get excited about that. So guess we’ll just have to buckle down, get past this day because at least the next is Friday & even though there’s not Packers football this weekend to look forward to…it’s still a weekend.

Stay tuned later this afternoon for Ask An Angel, where the Angels will discuss Matt Flynn’s worth, whether or not the Brewers can make the playoffs in 2012 & their favorite Packers.

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