It’s Halloween Week ( in addition to being the Packers BYE week) . Is there a better time to discuss curses?

In April, EA sports began a online voting campaign to pick the cover boy for its roll out of Madden 12. They picked a hand full of players who, in their estimation, had break out years in 2010 and put them into brackets, March Madness style. Then, they asked the fans to vote for the first time to pick the cover boy. It was supposed to be an honor. It was also a marketing ploy to get people talking about the video game before its release date, which of course, worked like a charm.

To get to the finals of Madden Madness, Packers’ quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers had to beat Ndamukong Suh, Sam Bradford, Danny Woodhead, and Michael Vick. Personally, I made a point of voting for Julius Peppers and Adrian Peterson the entire time. No disrespect to Aaron, in fact, quite the opposite. You see, I believe in the Madden Curse . So much so that I was willing to cast my vote for players who are employed by teams I hate with the fire of 1000 nuns.  I had a feeling that Bear and Viking fans had the same idea, as Rodgers easily cruised into the finals, even beating  a voting blitz by Michael Vick enablers, that vocal group of fans who think that anyone who still abhors Puppy Killa are racist haters. No, we just like canines better than we do Vick.

Rodgers opponent in the final bracket, with a chance to be on the cover of Madden 12 ( along with a tidy sum of cash from EA Sports ), was a newcomer to super stardom, running back Peyton Hillis, who rushed for 1177 yards and 11 touchdowns on the ground, and 477 yards and 2 touchdowns in the air for the Cleveland Browns in 2010. Hillis was the benefactor of a massive media blitz and voting campaign from Browns fans and had upset the more heavily favored Vick to get into the Finals.  While Packer fans were basking in the glow of another Super Bowl championship, the highlight of the Browns’ off season was to vote Chicago-style to get Hillis onto the cover of Madden. I was okay with it, as were several Pocket Doppler Angels, who went so far as to Tweet to NOT vote for Aaron Rodgers, due to the Madden Curse. Oh, we were admonished by several “experts,” ( cough, cough, MEN ) that said we were full of crap and that the list of Madden Cover Boys who had met with doom the next season was pure coincidence and just a result of  “typical football.”

Who’s laughing now, boys?

Peyton Hillis is not having a fun year. Missed games due to hamstring problems and weight loss due to strep throat has rendered him ineffective so far this season. He’s been a non-factor.  I know. I was dumb enough to draft him for my fantasy football team. By the time I got around to drafting a running back ( because I was in a rush to get Rodgers and Greg Jennings…Packer fan priorities ), he was the top rated man left on, and despite the fact that a little voice was whispering “Madden Curse” in my ear, I picked him anyway. He’s been a disappointment. He’s no longer on my team, and surprise, surprise, no one else has picked him up after I dumped him.

The latest hiccup in Hills’ Bizarro Year from Hell, is that he has taken time in a non-BYE week, to fly down to Arkansas and get married shot-gun style.   Oh yeah, Browns fans are thrilled. Can you imagine if Aaron Rodgers took off in the middle of the week before the 49ers game to hook up?  Coupled with the fact that Hillis is angling for a new contract. This is not the way to get it, son. Maybe the Curse has affected your brain.

So, you see, Aaron. It was for your own good. Sure, it would have been nice to see your pretty face on the coveted cover of Madden, but really, is it worth it? Cleveland fans are beginning to wish you had won. Come to think of it, every other team in the league is also wishing that, as are the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who are waiting to pop the cork on their yearly bottles of bubbly, as we speak.

We did it for YOU.


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  • foundinidaho

    YES! Those boys (although I think Mary thought we were crazy too) were WRONG. The curse is for realz…just think, QB1 would not be the picture of perfection, he’d be the injury poster child.

  • Anita

    If QB1 had made the Cover of Madden, we’d be discussions Flynn’s effectiveness and mobility right now, and whether or not we stand a chance in Hell of beating the first place Lions. (hypothetically speaking, of course)

  • Kelly

    I think the words that Aaron Charles is looking for a “You’re” and possibly “welcome.”

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