This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NHL Ice Girls.

Anaheim Ducks

PackerNet is loving the bye week this time around.

Lombardi Ave says Deion Sanders is a genius …I sense some sarcasm here.

Bernie’s Crew is spending the first part of their offseason Categorizing Minor League Pitchers.

Badger of Honor with Badger Basketball’s First Sure Thing: Bo Ryan.

Phil at B5Q is marching forward with his 2011 Wisconsin basketball preview: Forwards & Centers .

And the Big East continues to crumble, as Sources indicate West Virginia will be accepted to the Big 12.

Technology is so helpful these days, Athletes Using iPhone’s Personal Assistant Siri .

Gonna have to go with Picard here… The Best Captains In Science Fiction .

I have these problems ALL the time, it’s a curse being beautiful, I know: Things Pretty People Shouldn’t Do .

Wait, what? It’s Not Racist If It’s Something Nice: Very Specific Racial Stereotypes .

I don’t know, pretty sure my dog was talking the other night…of course, could have been the beers I had to: 12 Biggest Fake Local News Stories .

Photoshop or not, these are all pretty funny: The Eight Craziest “Oh S*!t” Moments .

Here’s one reason to start watching Telemundo, Cynthia Urías .

Can the Boy Wonder Do It Chicago? – Was reading this piece over at Midwest Sports Fans & also had heard a piece on Epstein on the way to work yesterday about his ability as a GM. Without a doubt the Cubs have one of the more talented GMs around with Epstein, but will that equate to winning and relevancy in the NL Central? Epstein’s career record was pretty solid in Boston, so one would have to think he’ll be able to do some of the same in Chicago if given the latitude. Let’s just hope Doug Melvin and the Brewers are ready to keep pace with what should be an improved Cubs’ team sooner than later.

Please note: It pained me to no end to have a Cubs logo as the main image for this post.  The only solace I took is that Anita at least will be proud of me.

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  • Anita

    I am proud of you! :)

    I also think that if I were a beer vendor, I’d card Theo’s ass. Holy crap. I had to look up on Wiki to double check his age. I guess I never really looked at pictures of him while he was GM of the Sox.

    I know many Cub fans are giddy…it’s been awhile for them to have something to be giddy about. I get it. I’m in the cautiously optimistic group. He can’t do worse than Hendry.

    Besides, I spent most of the summer paying more attention to the Brewers. It’s weird liking both. It wasn’t so weird when one of them was in the AL, but it sure is now.