This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NHL Ice Girls.

Los Angles Kings

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The 10 Best Colleges To Attend If Getting STD’s Isn’t Your Thing , if you’re into that type of thing of course.


Opening Old Wounds – So on Saturday night the Badgers lost due to an overturned call on the field which resulted in a last second TD for MSU. The call on the field was no Spartan TD, which would have forced overtime, but then it was overturned. For the record, I don’t think the Badgers deserved to win that game and had already resigned myself to the loss late before UW tied up. What gets my gander up, as well as Uncle Mike/BigSnakeMan, was whether or not the game should have ended like it did, with an overturned call. No doubt it was a close call but was the review, unless it was something different than what we saw, definitive enough to overturn the call on the field? I say no, how about you?

Featured Image Credit: Mike De Sisti/JSOnline

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  • Anita

    “What gets my gander up, as well as Uncle Mike/BigSnakeMan, was whether or not the game should have ended like it did, with an overturned call.”

    I know not all Badger fans are also Packers fans, so karma doesn’t really count here, BUT those of us who are also Packer fans have been on the receiving end of a disputed call to end a game, which came out in our favor. That game is now considered a classic. Sooooo….yeah, it sucked to have the game end that way, but now we know how Bear fans felt in 1989. (yuck….I don’t like having anything in common with them)

    That said, MSU has had an incredible streak of luck in gut punching their opponent with controversial endings. Last year’s fake field goal to beat Notre Dame was snapped with no time on the clock. It was a bitter pill for Irish fans to swallow until we kicked their asses this year. And knowing we’re their only loss so far, gives me supreme pleasure. For Badger fans, this one is going to sting for awhile. At least until Wisconsin gets a chance to kick their ass, and they might not have to wait a year to do it. They might be able to do it this year in Indy. Personally, I’m rooting for MSU and Wisconsin to win out so that they get the chance to meet again in the Big Ten Championship game. If that happens, watch out, Sparty.