A few things about the game before getting into CM3 Beast Mode….

  • I’m not a dude, but ow. That nuts kick to Lang should result in a suspension for Robinson for the next game. However, I won’t hold my breath and think it’ll probably be a 20,000 fine. His tweet about not meaning to kick there? BS.
  • Rodgers put a clinic on the Vikes. He’s the best QB out there and all ESPN can talk about is the “historic” win by Tim Tebow in MIAMI. Hey, we had our 700th win!
  • 700 wins. Geebus. That rocks.
  • Our defense definitely had its ups and downs, and we are hurting at safety. And when I say hurting, I mean TT better be calling up someone.
  • Slocum is…. Yeah. Ugh.
  • 4 sacks on QB1 is unacceptable.
  • Wood and Matthews had a pretty stellar game though. Loved the sack from Matthews on Ponder.
  • Newhouse, once he calmed down, did a lot better. Jordy was all over the place, loved it.

Going into Sunday’s game, Clay Matthews had a combined 19.5 QB knockdowns and hurries, which ranked No. 1 in the NFL. Who was he ahead of? none other than Jared Allen, who is not only the ugliest man in the NFL, but frequently touted as one of the best defensive players in the league. Allen leads the league in sacks, while Matthews is tied at 53.

Yes, compared to last year, Matthews isn’t really “up to snuff” in his sacks numbers. The thing that many fans don’t realize is how versatile Matthews is, and how lucky we are to have someone like him. I’d rather have a defensive player who can deflect passes, not allow touchdowns in coverage and put on some tackles for loss in yardage.

Matthews does all of the above.

Over his time in Green Bay, it looks to me as if Matthews really isn’t a rushing the passer type guy. This was one of the few reasons he fell to 26th in the draft – people didn’t think he was a pass-rusher. That’s ok, folks. He’s learning how to come off the edge and he’s way more versatile than any of us could have hoped for.

Walden isn’t Jenkins. Repeat after me, Walden isn’t Jenkins. Jenkins opposite of Matthews drew attention away from him and caused a lot more opportunity. Plus, our secondary is worse and Woodson/Tramon are both stepping up at CB. (Yes, I realize Tramon sucked it up yesterday.) Lots of factors can play into why Matthews hasn’t had as many sacks, and it’s not realistic to expect 13 sacks every season.

Also, that roughing the passer penalty on Matthews? Ponder hadn’t even let go of the ball, much less taken the two steps required for that type of call.

 So, what do you think? Did Matthews play his best game yesterday, or should we be worried about his number of sacks?


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  • Anita

    I think our defense flat out misses Nick Collins. Guys like Ponder wouldn’t be completing so many passes if Nick the Pick is out there along with Woodson and Williams.

    And it just stands to reason that the opposing offensive coordinators would wise up and contain Clay Matthews. He hasn’t lost anything. Other teams are just paying more attention to him. Not to mention HOLDING him constantly.

    And yes. Jared Allen is a total redneck who’s about as appealing as a spit cup full of chewing tobacco remnants.

    • http://www.laurenafernandez.com Lauren

      Amen, sister. On all counts.

      Defense definitely misses Nick Collins… I really wish we had gone for an upgrade at safety. You can tell we are seriously lacking. Wood and Tramon can only do so much.

      Summed it up well on Matthews – spot on. :)

      Ugh. Allen. Enough said.