• Yeah, not exactly how I wanted a game to start at the Humpdome. Hey secondary, how ’bout instead of watching the receiver sprint down the field with the ball, you use your hands and tackle him before he can get close to the endzone.
  • Hmmmm, Christian Ponder may be the real deal.
  • After the Vikings drew first blood, I pulled my lucky purple socks out of the drier and put them on. Yes, I’m aware my lucky socks are purple and the irony is pretty apparent on weekends like this. No, I don’t know what the purple socks impart, but they got the Pack through to Dallas. So if luck is found in purple socks, I’m not going to question it.
  • Six different receivers and we’re only a smidge into the first quarter.
  • And with that, we’re back to 0-0 game.
  • Jared Allen is perhaps the ugliest man in the entire NFL.
  • Speaking of hideous, so sick of that stupid Nordic horn. Is it a celebration of greatness or relief that they didn’t screw up?
  • Meanwhile, the Vikings thanked Brett Favre for his years of service by reassigning his number to their punter, whatever his name is.
  • How is drilling TJ Lang in the jewels not a Head to the Showers offense? Seriously, this is football, not pro wrestling!
  • Crosby now 19 for 19. Not bad for a guy people love to hate.
  • It appears that the Packers’ pass rush is its Achilles’ Heel. Sigh.
  • and with one monster return, Randall Cobb is back in good graces of fans everywhere. Rookie mistakes are forgotten, well at least temporarily forgiven. Meanwhile #4 for the Vikings Brett Favre their no-name punter couldn’t stop him and momentum officially became green and gold.
  • Attention Vikings fans, we have assumed control of your stadium. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.
  • Now that we have control of the stadium, it’s a damn shame we can’t dismantle that stupid horn.
  • Charles. Woodson. An time someone says he’s showing his age, he proves them wrong. I think that interception should silence his critics again.
  • But don’t try to get an interception with a soaring dive. That’s how he busted up that clavicle in the Super Bowl.
  • And just to prove Ted Thompson was a genious for signing a “washed up CB” Woodson gets his second INT of the game. And a complete class act for giving the pint-size Packer fan the ball.
  • 58 yard field goal!!! Yeah, I’m as speechless as you are. Scary thing, it probably would’ve been good from 65 out.
  • Gotta love how Troy Aikman declared that 3 points was enough to stop the Vikings’ bleeding when they were down by three scores. I guess if you think a little Snoopy band aid would do a good job staunching the hemorrhaging from a sucking chest wound.
  • That said, I did not like how the Packers let the Vikings back into the game. Never give the other side keys to the back door.
  • According to Troy and the other guy, Mike McCarthy took over for Mike Holmgren. Perhaps they also think the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
  • If there was such a thing as a save stat in football like there is in baseball, the save of the game would go to James Starks for eating clock sufficiently in the last three minutes.
  • Rodgers continues to be the best in the league. His quarterback rating was somewhere in the stratosphere. Not bad for a team that really did not do well on third down conversions.
  • Which proves there are no style points allotted in football, so who cares about third downs if you keep scoring.
  • Which brings us to 7-0. With the Lions now two games back, the Cheese Still Stands Alone and the Vikings are a delicious 1-6.
  • Bring on the much needed bye week. Time to recharge and start planning for the second half of the season.

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  • Mark

    Chris Kluwe wears 4 now he’s fraking funny on twitter

  • Anita

    The defense misses Nick Collins. It became obvious as soon as they let Ponder complete passes in the fourth quarter. Nick would have picked at least one of those.

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  • foundinidaho

    I don’t know what I’m going to do this Sunday. The Packers should be playing on my birthday. Boo bye week. Plus now I have to start Alex *shudder* Smith at QB next week. Dammit.