During the epic #ThrowbackWeekend, I met a ton of awesome Packer fans who were from all over the country, including but not limited to Ohio, New York, Texas and Indiana. Not surprising, as I have always known that the Green Bay Packers’ fan base has stretched across the country.

But I did realize something–None of these die hard fans have seen an Aaron Rodgers commercial! When I started talking about his funny appearances in the State Farm or Associated Bank commercials, I received a few blank stares.

Duh. All of these commercials are targeted to the Wisconsinites. I literally live across the river in Iowa (less than 5 minutes from Cheeseland) and I never see the commercials on TV. However, Joe Mauer seems to always find a way on my screen. Thankfully, my mother sends me an email everytime she sees a new one, and I scurry over to YouTube to check it out.

For all of my Packer fan friends not nesting in Wisconsin, here are some Rodgers commercials for you to enjoy!

Discount Double Check

Edith Gets Her Rodgers

Aaron And Edith At The Salon

Aaron Rodgers Is A Real Man…With A Truck

So what do you think? Pretty good, huh? I thought so too.

Which commercial was your favorite?


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  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    As another out-of-state Packer Fan (I’m about 40 min south of the Wisc/Ill border), my favorite was Aaron and Edith at the salon. STILL laughing my ass off!! Thanks Amanda, and thank your Mom too!

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com Amanda

    Definitely! Glad you enjoyed them. Edith is hilarious. :)

  • Trish Lynn

    boy it is a tough one. Discount double check is a hoot…but Edith and the BEAR FAN at the salon is awesome. Not a bad little actor that ARodgers!!!

  • Anita

    I’ve seen the State Farm ad here in Indiana/Michigan. It was shown during the NLCS, actually. So, that one must be a national ad. The others I saw online, because those were local. LOVE Aaron and Edith!!

    You can follow Edith on Twitter, by the way! @EdithLuvsAaron

  • foundinidaho

    They showed some of these here in Idaho – probably when I was watching the Brewers. I loved all of them. He is so damned cute.

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