This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women from the archives.

Candice Swanepoel

At Lombardi Ave they’re wondering if the Vikings ‘hunger’ could make a difference this weekend.

Packer Ranter says You. Talk. About. Rant Club. All. The. Time.

Leading up to the Badgers/Spartan’s game Saturday night, how will this affect MSU: Big Ten Suspends Spartans’ William Gholston .

When it comes to this weekend’s game against MSU, B5Q says the Badgers aren’t focusing on revenge .

Badger Blitz with a highlight peice on Badgers CB Antonio Fenelus .

Wait, the Big East still exists? National Coaches Disagree With Big East Coaches, Rank Marquette No. 21 in Preseason Poll .

Bernie’s Crew poses the question, Greinke and Gallardo: Dual Aces?

What a looker: Behold, The Splendor That Is Tony La Russa’s Fauxhawk .

At least a Blue Whale won’t eat you, might kill you with its flipper though:  Kayaker’s Journey Interrupted By A Blue Whale .

C’mon, did you really expect any of these shows to actually make it? The Light from the TV Shows: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

Here are some Intentionally Offensive Halloween Costumes  if you’re still not sure what you’re wearing for Halloween.

Where’s the one that Casper hangs out at? Top 10 Haunted Houses In America .

I guess I’m still more nerd than geek as I don’t recognize all of these yet,  Geek Words That Annoy People .

Lindsay Ellingson Isn’t A Secret Anymore

It’s Still The Vikings – Last year we were treated to a measure of redemption against the Vikings, winning both games to make up for the two lost the year before. Last year there was also the added factor of a certain QB still under center for the Purple & Gold to ratchet up the angst & excitement.  This year, the Packers go in with a 6-0 record against a 1-5 Vikings team starting a rookie QB. On paper, it would seem like a pretty blasé match-up. Once the whistle blows & clock starts though, all that changes. This Vikings team & its fans would like nothing more than to knock the Packers off the undefeated pedestal & in a lot of ways that scares me. I don’t have a problem if the Packers don’t go undefeated, please though don’t let that first loss be this weekend against the Vikings.

Later on this morning Ranter Blather will be up followed in the afternoon by the Week 7 edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators.  Thanks for spending the week with us, have fun watching the Badgers on Saturday night & the Packers Sunday and we’ll meet you back here Monday morning.

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  • foundinidaho

    Wally, Wally, Wally, my worrywart friend. The Packers will be fine. I’m sure all the Prognosticators said so. Well, except for Chris. ;)