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Kristin Holt

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Close, But Not The Same  - According to this piece over at JSOnline , the Chicago Cubs have the best odds of getting Prince Fielder once MLB Free Agency starts. So, a Wisconsin-based team icon going to play for another team in the same division, sound familiar?  I’m sure someone or somewhere the Favre & Fielder analogy has been made, but is it an accurate one?  Let’s see:

  1. Two players who played who helped lift their teams to prominence.
  2. Two players who came into their own while playing for those teams, becoming league super stars in the process.
  3. Two players who mean a tremendous amount to their respective teams.

So maybe it is a fair comparison, but I think only on the face of it.  The big difference between the two situation is that with Fielder, whether we wanted to admit it or not, we all knew he’d be leaving at some point.  With Favre, we always thought he’d be a Packer. The emotional buy-in was much greater with Favre & I feel pretty sure we won’t see a Melvin/Brewers’ fans vs Fielder fans schism the likes of which we saw between Favre fans & Packers/Thompson fans in 2008. Will it suck to see Fielder go, only to see him several times a year in a Cubs uniform?  You bet.  Will it be the gut wrenching experience we experienced see a purple clad #4?  Hardly.

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  • Chris

    I will stand and cheer when Prince comes to bat with his new team. He is leaving in accord with the rules after giving everything he had for the Brewers. Many thanks, Big Man.

    On the other hand, Favre retired — he quit, left the field — and I was among the verklempt and nostalgic when he did. But four months later that he wanted to unring that bell and got pissy when he couldn’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. So I don’t feel the same away about a guy who pulled an entitled, prima donna act and don’t expect to be cheering Favre’s return anytime soon.

  • Anita

    Unless Fielder comes back during Spring Training, whining, causing a rift in the locker room, ignoring the man who is supposed to take his place on the field (and doing his best to turn the poor guy into Public Enemy #1), bitches about the organization until they trade him to another team where he continues to bad mouth the Brewers and make it his personal mission to come back and beat them singlehandedly, it’s not the same. Oh, and I’m sure we won’t be seeing Fielder’s wife, posing and smiling next to a Cub or Yankee fan wearing a Fielder jersey with “Thanks Doug,” stenciled on the back where the name should be.

  • BigSnakeMan

    There’s one other big difference between the Packers’ and Brewers’ situations regarding their departing superstars. The Packers had an heir apparent ready to step into ’4′s place. Unfortunately for the Brewers, I see no one on the horizon to replace Fielder’s production and impact in the lineup.