The Packers are off to a 6-0 start for the first time since 1965 and only the seventh time in franchise history. 

Now that that awesome is out of the way……

Besides Vikes fans, there is nothing worse than the week leading up to the Pack-Vikes game. It amazes me that a team that has never won a Super Bowl can be so in your face. Also, Aikman is calling our game without Joe Buck?

I know, I shouldn’t be worried. Chalk it up to the Tampa Bay syndrome, but after seeing a somewhat dismal Rams defense shut down our offense in the second half on Sunday, it’s coming back. It’s not so much what my friend Jason said about the “Vikes having a way better defense than Green Bay, and defense wins games” (Uhm, hello who is 1-5 in this scenario?)

Christian Ponder is going to be the black sheep of this game, and I can just feel it. Frazier might have pulled an evil genius or Chilly type move with this one, but we haven’t seen tape on the kid.

The other factor? Jared Allen. I’m hoping our thin O-line can step up and block effectively for Rodgers, which they can do for at least three quarters. However, don’t pull a Packers and not bring it home in the 4th quarter. Rodgers is going to have to be quick and get the ball to the receivers before Allen can plow him down. I fully expect to see MM use an extra blocker if the O-Line can’t get the job done.

The Vikes have an effective pass rush and MM will need to put in at least 5-6 blockers to effectively match up against it. It’s a similar scheme to what the Colts did last year with Peyton at the helm – verteran QB, got rid of the ball quickly, lots of receiver sets and averaged around 5.39 blockers per pass play. (via )

One could argue that Adrian Peterson is a threat, but Frazier is a Minny Moron and benches him when he plays well.

The key to us winning the game? The Big Five and QB1. Rodgers at Minnesota last year posted his first four-TD game and had the second highest QB rating of his career. He went 22 for 31 on passes for 301 yards. QB1 stays cool under pressure and can throw with precision even when blitzed. Rodgers drops the ball quick and Green Bay frequently uses three- and four-receiver sets.

What do you think?

Go Pack Go.



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