This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women from the archives.

Anna Torv

Adam over at Jersey Al’s has his Week 7 Packers Stock Report, saying It’s Getting Tougher to Fill Out the Falling Category .

ACME Packing Company has part 1 of 3 on the Packers-Vikings Series History .

I would find it hard to believe anyone reading here wouldn’t have seen this yet, but even if you have it’s worth watching again, Video: Throwback Weekend Feature Presentation ,

Badger’s QB Russell Wilson won’t get drawn into a war of words .

Never happen, but I like the sound of it: Montee Ball Earning Down-Ballot Heisman Consideration .

From Anonymous Eagle, 99 Problems But An Absolut Weapon Ain’t One .

Looks like a new series from Brew Hoop here, Brew Hoop Breakdowns #1: Andrew Bogut’s winning tip vs. Indiana .

I could see Sean Astin, but Will Ferrell? Celebrities You Wouldn’t Have Thought Could Run A Marathon .

Here are some more Upcoming Oakland Raiders Transactions.

The one about your dreams got me, Facts About You That Will Blow Your Mind .

No, not all of them are from Bill Clinton: Presidential Pickup Lines .

Here are 50 Halloween Costume Ideas , I’m going to dress up as a ‘pun’.

We’ll stick with that costume theme for one more, 11 Topical Costumes for Halloween 2011.

Not exactly sure how to pronounce Elisandra Tomacheski , but then I don’t really care.

Which One Do You Want More? – I’ve been pretty much mum on the whole 16-0, undefeated season talk for the Packers but I figure if Don Banks is going to bring it up , I sure can.  What I really would like to know though is if you had to choose between just one, an undefeated regular season or a consecutive Super Bowl win, which would you choose?  For me the choice is easy, I would much rather have back to back Super Bowl wins.  Sure, there is a place in the record books to go undefeated but something about the winning the Super Bowl just resonates more with me.  Think back to the Patriots of 2007, do you recall them going undefeated or do you recall them losing in the Super Bowl more? I think we all know the answer to that.

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  • Anita

    Ask the Patriots how much that undefeated season meant when they choked away the BIG game. No, let the ’72 Dolphins swig champagne again. If I had to choose, the Super Bowl wins out. Of course, having both would be awesome as well, but I’m not counting on it, especially with the Lions probably circling Thanksgiving on their calendar as THEIR Super Bowl.