I’m sure this won’t be the only post of it’s kind this coming week, but wanted to go ahead and put to ‘paper’ some of the things I specifically recall & remember from Throwback Weekend.  All in all, it appears it was a success and everyone I spoke to had fun or thought it was Awesome . Thanks to all for coming, without your interest and partcipation this never would have happened.

With that, here are some of my recollections/thoughts of the weekend:

Talking to Kelly’s husband about the German professor we both had at UW-Eau Claire
Tom Crabtree once again proving what a great guy he is.
Brian Carriveau is the hardest working man in the Packers blogosphere.
Alex Tallitsch photo bombing almost every photo I took of Tom & guests.
Speaking of photo bombs, this one wins for the weekend .
Simply put, Kyle Cousineau is an incredible human being.
Meeting Corey Behnke’s Aunt Gert.
As much as it was a pain in the ass lugging around my camera all weekend, I’m very glad I did.
Losing my voice Saturday night at the Abbey by being the human bullhorn.
Kareem Copeland, Rob Demovsky, Ty Dunne, Chris Jenkins & Jason Wilde made a lot of people’s night.
Getting a chance to hang with almost all of the PD Angels, mandatory appearance for everyone next year.
Robert Hammen is the man! Kyle & I both thank you from saving us having to man the grill Sunday morning.
Two words: Party. Bus.
Jello Shots make a great ice breaker.
Corey Behnke’s girlfriend Rachel is great, also the first Tony Award winner I’ve ever met.
Meeting Tom Crabtree’s Dad & Step-mom in the concourse at Lambeau, both wearing Crab Tree t-shirts
Annie Van Epern…you can’t stop her, you can only hope to contain her & good luck with that.
C.D. Angeli’s gleeful dancing at the Tailgate once he got a ticket to the game, both mesmerizing & terrifying at the same time.
Phil Hanrahan is as cool of a guy as you would think he is.
For a little girl, Amanda Lawson is a very strong chest bumper.
@TommyKGB’s wife earns MVP honors for the weekend.
Next year, 3:15 game.



  • Colleen

    Is it possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never lived? If so, I am.

  • Anita

    Colleen, most people retire to the warm weather places like Florida and Arizona. Whack jobs like us will someday retire to Green Bay!