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Should Be Interesting – Now that I’ve had a day to let the pain of the Brewers’ NLCS exit sit, you still have to be pretty happy with the season as a whole.  Yes, getting ousted by the Cardinals stings quite a bit but the team playing better baseball usually wins and that’s what happened.  Looking forward, it should be an interesting off-season for the Brewers, Melvin & Attanasio.  Is it a fore gone conclusion that Prince is gone? Most likely but you never know. There’s also questions then as to what to do with the corner infielder positions as well.  Attanasio gave his pledge yesterday about being committed to winning, so rather be bitter about a painful end to the season, I think it’s better to look forward to what could be a spring board to future years.

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  • Chris

    Indeed, at times like these it is better for Brewers fans to look forward at the challenges faced by the team than to spend another day lamenting the damage and disappointment, and assessing who’s to blame. Time to move on.