Look, I can Desmond Howard with the best of them. There is nothing like the Big House with the exception of Lambeau. The National Championship in 1999 was major.

The first song I ever learned was “The Victors.” My first sweatshirt in Texas was a Wolverines kid hoodie. I learned how to spell OHOWIHATEOHIOSTATE before I learned how to spell my name.

But, Michigan, STFU. Seriously. That goes for Lions and Tigers fans….. oh my. Sorry about your loss, Bears. Not really, since the Lions beat you by lobbing the ball and praying that Calvin Johnson would catch it.

Here’s my thing, and we will break it down by team.

Michigan : We have a non-conference schedule, and the Badgers are the better football team. Period. We can talk ONCE we beat them in the Big 10 Championship, and only if we beat them. Denard is a God among analysts, and yes, he’s extremely talented.

My beef is that because of the type of athletic program that Michigan has tends to overshadow if a team has more talent. I get that it comes down conference money and as an athlete, I know how the D1 programs work. I’m as diehard as they come for my Wolverines, but we are not as good as Wisconsin, nor does our schedule allow us to even be in the same conversation…. YET. STFU, Go Blue.

Lions:  Somehow there are now a ton of Lions fans, when before, I could count maybe five. Those are the people I respect, the ones who stuck around during the 0-16 season and still were gung-ho. Last I checked, your team had never even been to a Super Bowl. That’s right. You’ve won 4 NFL Championships and went to the NFC Championship in 1991. The Saints win in Super Bowl XLIV left the Lions as the only non-expansion team to have yet gone to the big game.

But I’m getting sick of “No one can beat the Lions.” Last time I checked, there was a team to the west of the state that won the Super Bowl last year and is also undefeated. So, until you beat the Packers, STFU.

Tigers: I’m from Texas. Don’t Mess with Texas. STFU.

Hail, Hail.

Can you tell I’m a bit cranky today? I was getting it from all sports yesterday, including Bears and Vikes fans. Sigh.


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  • Anita

    I live here. You wouldn’t believe some of the shit they’re spouting. Half these people couldn’t name four people on the Lions offense not named Matthew Stafford or Calvin Johnson four weeks ago. Hell, I heard some jag in a Lions t-shirt last week ask which player Megatron was. Really?

    Oh and that jump ball crap that the Lions were doing last night? Thank MY college football team for that one. The Wolverines used it to beat Notre Dame, and it looks like the Lions are using it, too. You’re welcome, Michigan.

    It gets a little harder for UM this week. Little Brother in Green is always tough on them.

  • http://unclemikesmusings.blogspot.com Uncle Mike

    Michigan story you might appreciate. Joan Steinbrenner went to Ohio State, and talked husband George into making big donations to the OSU band. When they ended a 35-year National Championship drought, 5 years after Michigan ended a 49-year drought, THE… Ohio State University gave George a National Championship ring. He went to spring training and showed it to Michigan man Derek Jeter. For perhaps the only time in their joint life, the Captain showed the Boss some disrespect, saying, “They’re givin’ those away now?”