Following an unfortunate stint on the disabled list because of an “accident” that left my hand battered and pride bruised, I am unofficially healed and now attempting to resurrect the Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction. Some may have missed the shenanigans that take place within these words, comments, tweets and the like. Others, probably glad for the hiatus. Nonetheless, we’re back and whispers of the return have been permeating the Twitterverse:

wallypingel : Rumor has it this week will mark the return of @ richwardjr ‘s Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction on @ PocketDoppler


Bart Scott : “Can’t wait!”

Nyjer Morgan : “**** yeah!”

Easy now.

Tony Plush : “**** yeah!”

You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

Chris Farley : “Tommy Like-y”

Terrell Owens : “Get your popcorn ready!”

Hank Williams Jr : “Like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.”

I don’t understand the analagy, but thanks for your input.

Mike Singletary : “Can’t do it.”

Uncalled for, Mike. Uncalled for.

Brett Favre (via text) : “Took ya long enough…”

Click click, deleted. Take notes, Brett. At least Mooch is still defending you…

JaymeLee1 : “Dear Twitter, I’d follow Steve Mariucci, but I don’t like the smell of Brett Favre’s butt that much.”
Well said. :)


Rafiki (The Lion King): “The King, has returned”

Oh, you (blushes).  

Enough, before my head swells any further! It’s nearly game time. Green Bay has arrived in Atlanta with hopes of repeating exactly what took place in the Divisonal round of the playoffs last season. Win and Green Bay keeps pace with –am I really saying this? — the Detroit Lions as the only other undefeated team remaining in the NFL.

Pregame News and Notes


  MdDavidsen : “Tonight, Rodgers has a chance to do something Favre never did in Green Bay, lead the # Packers to a 5-0 start. # gopackgo

acmepackingco : “Looking At Some Matchups When The Packers Face The Falcons
TundraVision : “New Over at CHTV: Packers vs. Falcons: How It Breaks Down: When The Packers Have The Ball: The Packers, coming …

 Who’s in? Who’s out?


RobDemovsky : ” # Packers inactives: House, Collins, Zombo, Bulaga, Quarless, Neal, So’oto.”

caplannfl : “Falcons DE John Abraham (hip) is inactive.”
espn_nfcnblog : “Early Packers gift: John Abraham won’t play –


Aaron_Nagler : “…read why the # Packers will beat the # Falcons 31-21:


Chris Mortensen is the only ESPN “expert” to pick the Falcons to win. Mark Schlereth, Adam Schefter, Mike Golic, Meryl Hoge, Ron Jaworski, and Eric Allen all like Green Bay –

[Note: PocketDoppler Prognositcators -- BigSnakeMan, Wally Pingel, Colleen, and yours truly have sided with the Pack to come out on top. Chris on the other hand, likes the Falcons tonight.]  
Atmosphere. from those inside enemy territory?

PackerHQ : “Atlanta looks like cheesehead central.. this is great!!”
TyDunne : “View from above inside the dome —

jasonjwilde : “Aaron Rodgers just led the # Packers out of the tunnel to Falcons fans boos and Packers fans cheers. Cupped hand to earhole, asking for more.”
Strategy tonight?
RahimTariq : Key to the game: Score more points than Atlanta.
Get this guy on a coaching staff! =)

And finally…
GregJennings : “Calm before the storm. Quiet confidence…. Only one way to be tonight… # BeGreat


Game time. 

1st Quarter
jrehor : “GO PACK GO!!!”

jentastic1204 : “Go Pack GO!”

TeamRodgersEra : “LETS GO PACKERS 5-0!!!!!”
Indianpackers : “Almost time to run that moonshine. # GoPackGo ”   …Do what ya gotta do, my friend.
gbpf127 : “Woooooo! Time to rock and roll! Go Pack!”
You heard them.

  jasonjwilde : “Packers lose the toss. Apparently tails sometimes fails after all.”
Atlanta will receive, but first a moment of silence for Raiders owner Al Davis…
RealJoeNamath : “Thank you Mr. Davis for always being you — the Brooklyn kid, the maverick … the guy that DIDN’T want the merger. You were one of a kind.”
Rest in peace, Al. Those who served under him, live on in peace…now you can. Too soon?
Booted through the endzone, as expected. Matty Ice (lame) sets up shop at the 20.
Aaron_Nagler : “Ryan 2-0 in the regular season vs Pack – the first one was in Lambeau and started Bob Sanders’ journey out of town…”

14:37 1st down and 10 to go, Michael Turner dives ahead for 2. 2nd down, Turner gathers 7 more. 3rd and 1.
13:47 One yard to the first down marker…empty backfield, quick throw and Gonzo — Tony Gonzalez — hauls in an 8 yard gain.
12:57 1st and 10 at their own 30, Ryan scrambles for 3.
12:15 2nd and 7, Turner around the left end…shrugs off Charles Woodson — GET HIM — and picks up 20. 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 48, already.
ceallaigh_k : “Two misses, Woody. What. The. Heck?”
BigSnakeMan : “Note to # Packers defense: You can’t arm tackle the Burner.”
He is one big dude. Those legs…
RossTuckerNFL : “If Michael Turner has a daughter I hope for her sake she doesn’t get her daddy’s thighs.”
11:43 Two incompletions, a near sack by Clay and it’s 3rd and 10…Ryan finds Harry Douglas for 13 and another 1st down. Tramon a step behind Douglas there.
Cris Collinsworth : “Tramon has a bad shoulder tonight, so he’s playing a bit off his receivers.”
***3rd consecutive 1st down for Atlanta***
11:00 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 38 yard-line, END AROUND handoff to Julio Jones…17 yards, down to the 20. Man alive, defense.
***4th consecutive 1st down***
Cris Collinsworth : “He is a little bit of a Calvin Johnson look-a-like.”
Easy, Cris.
AndrewSa888 : “Ugh”
MattBowen41 : ” Falcons just ran the type of gadget play you spend all week working on in practice–and hope that it works exactly like you draw it up.”

It did.
9:31 3rd and 6 at the Green Bay 14 after an illegal substitution (Get ready to hear Jeff Tripplette’s voice a lot tonight)…Come on D…1st down down to the 7-yard line. Tony Gonzalez.
Gonzalez abusing Peprah early. 

RahimTariq : “Well this is not promising.”
8:25 1st and goal at the 4, timeout Green Bay. They’re already gassed.
***Green Bay has allowed the 2nd most points in NFL history for a team that has started 4-0.***
 8:15 1st and goal, Roddy White is wide open! Their best wide receiver, wide open…uncovered…TOUCHDOWN Atlanta.
cubanalaf : “Peprah on Gonzalez = dumb. Our d also = dumb right now. Roddy wide open = really really dumb.”

Al Michaels : “Atlanta won the toss, elected to not defer and took the ball. It payed off, 7-0 Falcons.”
7-0 Atlanta with the early lead.
  PackersTherapy : “Shoot out in ATL tonight? # Packers
Ay, pienso que no me lo gusta.
8:15 Randall Cobb catches 6-yards deep, brings it out to the 15-ish. Time to answer or risk another early, deep deficit.
Ho, hum…Woah, this headline isn’t a joke?
mashable : “Man Assaults Wife for Not “Liking” His Facebook Update –
8:11 1st and 1o at the 20, the Superbowl MVP in the gun…dump off to Grant for 6 yards.
***Aaron Rodgers in the Georgia Dome during the 2010 Divisional Playoffs — 366 passing yards, 3 TD, 136.8 passer rating, completion % 86.1***
7:38 2nd and 4 at the 26, false start. Jeff Triplette with the call again.
coreybehnke : “OMG Jeff Triplette No! :( – Jeff plz dont throw any flags at our guys Jeff..”
Look it up; it’s true.
7:08 2nd 9, Grant plows ahead for 12 and a 1st down. 1st and 10 at the 23, Starks in for Grant.
6:38 Starks for 7 to the 30 yard-line.
RahimTariq : “Our running backs a**es combined – still not as big as one of Michael Turner’s ***cheeks”
It’s funny cause it’s true.
5:49 2nd and 2. Rodgers with a quick drop, slant to Jennings — MONEY — 1st down, gain of 12.
cubanalaf : “Beautiful. Atta boy, Rodgers.”

5:10 1st and 10 near their own 40. Rodgers with the play-fake…looking…rolling right…looking, throws deeepp for Jones! Incomplete. Overthrown by a yard.
4:13 3rd and 6 at the Green Bay 45. 1ST DOWN to bike J-Mike Finley. Business, per the usual. 1st down at the Atlanta 41.
3:39 1st down, incomplete pass. 
3:15 2nd down, draw play to Grant….FUMBLE! Drive killer. Drive over. Atlanta football. Brent Grimes with the recovery.
wingoz (Trey Wingo): “the ball just seems to find certain players.. brent grimes is one of them.”

God help me.
BigSnakeMan : “Son of a…… Grant.”

jasonjwilde : “Big turnover by Grant there. Much like Rodgers’ fumble at the goal line during the Nov. 28 game  (L). Moving the ball, can’t give it away. Ouch.”

***Ryan Grant had not fumbled the last 333 times he touched the ball (per Jenlada )***
realfreemancbs : “Favre: I would have won this game already.”
Yep, still funny.

3:00-1:00 Pass, run, run…Atlanta marching…to the Green Bay 43-yard line. No answer for Gonzalaez or Turner.
0:54 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 30, Turner powers ahead to the 21.

jsutlookin : “Nervous about this game, wine or chocolate to calm my nerves? Might need some of both.”
Pass ‘em this way.
0:35 At the 20 yard-line. Matt Ryan letting the clock run…
Gingesoby : “Go Pack Go !!!”

  CaptElaino : “Come on D!”


JennaLeigh : “All this, and it’s still 7-0. Ton of ballgame left. We’re going to win this game.”

  2nd Quarter
15:00 2nd and 4 near the Green Bay 20. Ryan behind center, hands to Turner who mauls Woodson for 7.
Cris Collinsworth : “The woes continue for this Packer defense”
14:32 Turner on 1st down, down to the 12-yard line. Incomplete pass on 2nd down.
timwegener : “Does the defense look as bad in person as on TV?”
jasonjwilde : “Yessir.”
13:12 3rd and 3 at the 6 yard-line…shovel pass to Jason Snelling. Inside the 1-yard line. Goodness.
PackerDrunk : “Capers needs to step up. Were getting out schemed, big time.”
12:26 Turner, handoff, touchdown.
***17 minutes played, the Falcons have run 23 plays***
GBPackers_Diva : “HELLO??? DEFENSE!!!!”
jasonjwilde : “Another 10-play, 6-plus minute drive by the Falcons and it’s 14-0 after Turner’s 1-yard TD plunge.”
Al Michaels : “The Green Bay Packers find themselves in very unfamiliar territory.”

14-0 Atlanta extends the lead, at home, with momentum…
PackerRanter : “Well, we know this is the Falcons Super Bowl, so this should have been expected. Lotta game left.”
jrehor : “OK, enough screwing around. You are the better team and the Falcons know it. Move the ball down the field and stick it down their throats”

12:20 Cobb catches 5 yards deep, and stutters out to the 16. Randall, it is okay to take a knee.
kareemcopeland : “Second drive # Packers start inside their own 20. 16 yard line this time”
TomOatesWSJ : “OK, maybe the time has come to stop Randall Cobb from bringing kickoffs out from deep in the end zone. # Packers

 12:17 1st and 10, Starks goes nowhere. Sean Weatherspoon drops him, hard.
11:34 James Jones via Rodgers for 8.
***Rodgers 4/6, 38 yards***
11:06 3rd and 2 at the 24, timeout Green Bay…
Bill_Michaels : “Packers best 3rd down team in the league…. 54%”
Aaron_Nagler : “Gigantic 3rd and 2 here.”
11:06 …Rodgers in shotgun…dancing, dancing… “safety valve” toss to John Kuhn for the 1st down! Nice play, gain of 7.
 10:23 Starks excellerates around the left side for 10 yards on 1st down. Move the chains. Up to the 40.
9:38 1st and 10, Rodgers finds DJ Williams (who?!) for another first down.
Chad Clifton is hurt…
Cris Collinsworth : “This is huge, already without Bryan Bulaga…”
Aaron_Nagler : “Clifton down. Repeat: Clifton. Down.”
RahimTariq : “PANIC!”
jrehor : “C’mon Chad-gotta get up”
Has to.

Optimism…Please! Anyone?

Simplekindoffan : “Any Madden vet knows being down 14-0 is no big deal if you score to end half & receive 2nd half kickoff.”
Soothing, actually.
Clifton helped off with no weight on his leg.
8:33 Green Bay down to the Atlanta 45-yard line after a Starks burst up the middle. 2nd and 10. Starks for 2 on 2nd down.
Clifton being carted off. Dang. It’ll be Derrick Sherrod and Marshal Newhouse for the duration.
jasonjwilde : “The # Packers were unbelievably good at overcoming injuries last season. Overcoming loss of both your LT and your RT …”
jasonjwilde : “As rothchris just pointed out, long-snapper Brett Goode was practicing his backpedal. Only one OL left on bench — Evan Dietrich Smith.”
RahimTariq : “Still convinced Kevin Greene is first on Ted Thompson’s “free agents to sign in event of emergency” for every single position.”

Sweet mercy.

7:56 3rd down and 8 from the Atlanta 44…Rodgers flushed, rolls right…looking… BOOM! Rodgers to Greg Jennings for 39 yards! What an unbelievable arm.
Cris Collinsworth : “Rodgers takes advantage”
Timeout Atlanta
***Chad Clifton doubtful to return with a hamstring injury***
7:25 1st and goal from the 4, Starks to the 2.
6:43 2nd and goal at the 2, play action…sacked. Rodgers nearly lost the football.
Dj Williams is a blocking disaster.
WisconsinTeams : “Why the (bleep) is DJ Williams playing?”
Quarless is out. Never woulda thought that injury may come back to haunt Green Bay.
5:54 …Sacked again…4th down.
***The Falcons had not had a sack since opening day***
ceallaigh_k  “Hey, Tausch, it’s Ted. What are you doing these days?”

Falcons players now celebrating with some kind of taking-the-championship-belt-off deal…Weak.
cubanalaf : “Ok the whole “taking off the championship belt” move from ATL is tacky.”
RahimTariq : “Those mother******* keep up that anti-belt celebration and I’m gonna kill someone.”

 5:26 Mason Crosby’s kick is good from 34 yards out.
14-3 Atlanta leads
Cris Collinsworth : “Atlanta has done everything they’ve wanted to do.”
5:31 1st and 10 from the 20 (touchback), incomplete pass. 2nd and 10? Another incompletion.
JerseyAlGBP : “So can we get a stop on 3rd down?”
5:18 3rd and 10, Ryan rolling right, rolling, finds Harry Douglas back across the field….huge gain down to the Green Bay 33…Holding! Holding on Atlanta, back it up.
Deep breaths.
4:34 3rd and 20…Ryan pressured and flings it out of bounds. 4th down. Finally!
Aaron_Nagler : “This” RT coreybehnke : “Nice Job Defense”

***Rookie punter for ATL averaging 36 net yards per punt, worst in the Not-For-Long league***
4:22 Oofta, Cobb drilled. Hello Chris Owens. Green Bay will begin at the Atlanta 47.
jrehor : “Love Cobb, but he is going to be decapitated one of these days”

 4:15 1st and 10 Green Bay. Rodgers zips one to Crabtree on the outside, down to the 33.
3:35 1st and 10, Rodgers-Nelson for 3.

 3:00 2nd and 7, Rodgers back to pass…SACKED–NO! Falcons corner blanketing Rodgers’ knees, yet he somehow finds Jordy Nelson for 8.
RahimTariq : “Footwork: The art of throwing off of one little toe, a la Aaron Rodgers.”
Aaron_Nagler : “Wow.”
Cris Collinsworth : “Rodgers looks a little unsettled.”
DaleZawada : “Why is Collinsworth saying Rodgers is rattled and losing his composure ala Jay Cutler? He has 119 yards and is 11\14. WTF?”

2:32 3rd and 2, Alex Green in the backfield. Dump off to Green, 1st down!
2:00 warning
Hey guess what month it is?
BrianCarriveau : “I’d like to hurt the ad exec that coined the phrase “Any-tober.”
I’ll buy the ski masks.
2:00 1st and 10 from the 15, Rodgers hits Starks for 7.
***Rodgers has connected with 10 different receivers tonight***
1:42 2nd and 3, Grant reaches forward. Gain of 1 yard.
0:44 3rd and 2…
AndrewSa888 : “CONVERT THIS”

…Rodgers scrambles! 1st down! Nope, Sitton with the hold.
Gun meet foot.
packers : “Rodgers scrambles for apparent first down, holding penalty, now 3rd and 12 at ATL 17, 18 seconds remaining.”

0:18 3rd and 12. Rodgers back, rocket-arms the ball to Finley! Touchd! …dropped. Dropped. 4th down.
MaxGinsberg : “Donald Lee…er, um, Jermichael Finley with the drop in the end zone.”

CourtFinley88  : “I have no words…”
CourtFinley88 : “Ahhhhhhh Jermichael freaking Finley!”
My thoughts exactly.
  olbagofdonuts : “It that was a bag of money he’d have caught it.”
TundraVision : “If you’re going to talk the talk, you better catch the d*** ball.”
dexhandle : “I never want to hear Jeremicheal Finley say he wants the ball more. Ever.”
Ouch, merciless.

Cris Collinsworth : “There’s just no excuse.”
0:11 Crosby on for the field goal attempt from 45 yards out, let’s turn to Jason Wilde for the call…
jasonjwilde : “Wow. Rodgers steps up, has Finley at the goal line and Finley drops the 17-yard TD. Crosby’s 45-yard FG is good. 14-6 Atlanta.”

14-6 Atlanta leads a game that should be tied

0:00 Crosby kicks it through the endzone, Ryan takes a knee.
jasonjwilde : ” # Packers go into halftime down, 14-6. Certainly not ideal, but without both tackles, having ball only three times, could be worse.”

 1.) It could be much worse.
2.) The injury-leech just never seems to sleep
3.) I’m so, so jealous of the elderly-lady (Edith) who gets to hug Aaron Rodgers in that Associated Bank commercial. How many takes until she got it right, you think?

Hey the Kim Kardashian wedding in is being shown on E! right now. I’ll give the points and take the under (6 months).
Other reaction?
Tony Dungy : “I love what the Falcons are doing. They’re running the ball. They’re keeping the ball. They’re controlling the ball.” 
MikeVandermause : “Possessions are at a premium in this game, with each team getting the ball 3 times in 1st half. Mistakes by Grant and Finley crucial.”

BigSnakeMan : “As frustrating as 1st half was, Falcons weren’t able to pull away. # Packers could be right back in game w/score on opening possession of 2nd”
Packnic : “I really don’t understand the panic. This was Atlanta’s most vivid wet dream, and they are only up 8 at the half. We got this”
The man speaketh the truth.
Look who’s late to the party…
foundinidaho : “Come on Packers, step it up!
…Now the game can truly begin.
Anything else?
AaronBiderman : “Bills 4-1, Eagles 1-4. Wow”
PW_C : “This is why I love the NFL”
Uno mas…

jrehor : “Happy birthday John # Lennon . You were and always will be the walrus
Lennon claims he wrote the first two lines of “I Am the Walrus” after dropping acid, so I hear. Either way, Happy Birthday.
Out of the tunnel they trot, onto the couch I sit.
3rd quarter
packer_update : “If Green Bay somehow manages to come from behind and win this game, it would have to go down as one of the best wins under McCarthy.”

15:00 Green Bay to begin at the 20 after a touchback.
14:00 Sack, incomplete pass, and it’s 3rd and 17 from the 11. TJ Lang embarrassed right there.
bakler5 : “Maybe one of the most pathetic block attempts ever by TJ Lang.”
richeisen  (Rich Eisen): “Aaron Rogers getting hit and hurried and sacked like it’s 2009.”

13:18 Rodgers tosses to James Jones for 9, not enough.
13:17 1st and 10 for Atlanta from their own 40-ish. Hands to the face by Walden hands the Falcons another 1st down.
JerryKramer4HOF : “Frustration…..come on Pack! Let’s go!”

12:45 Into Packers territory
11:36 2nd and 3, Raji stands up the center, sits down Michael Turner
Aaron_Nagler : “Serious two gapping from Raji there. Nice.”

 11:24 3rd and 3, Matthews JUST misses Ryan! 1st down pass to Roddy White…down to the 38.
10:55 1st and 10. The give to Snelling, notta. 2nd down, gain of 8 to Gonzalez from Ryan.
9:15 3rd and 2, Snelling dropped behind the line! Even without a sack, Matthews makes his presence known…hands to the face against Atlanta. Tyson Clabo the guilty party.
TyDunne : “Matthews making an impact. Second big flag he drew.”
JerryKramer4HOF : “Stop touching my clay like that u big b**tard”

RahimTariq : “Clay doesnt get a sack on that drive, but getting choked by Clabo had same effect.”
If you can’t beat him, aim for the throat.
jasonjwilde : “Illegal hands to the face penalty on Cllabo makes it third-and-12. Big play here, Merle.”

9:00 3rd and 12 after the penalty, Atlanta now outside of fieldgoal range. Ryan chased by CM3, throws it away. Falcons forced to punt.
8:41 Fair catch by Cobb at the 16-yard line.
Edubs2003 : “How fast Cobb called for fair catch, wonder if McCarthy told him he would walk home if he didn’t call for a fair catch”

packers : “24-yard punt. Packers have 1st and 10 at GB 16. 8:41 left in 3Q. Falcons 14, Packers 6.”

  Bill_Michaels : “Amazing how the Falcons have controlled this game but are only up buy 8. Finley and Grant mistakes could = tied game. Still Hope.”
Always hope.
8:30-7:30 (1)Grant loses 2. (2) Rodgers nearly picked off. 3rd and 12
7:45 3rd and long, Weatherspoon chasing…escapes right…heaves it JONES FOR THE FIRST DOWN! UP TO THE 45. What a play.
richeisen : Now THAT is Rodgers at his best. Nobody throws on the run better than him. Maybe this gets him back in rythym.

Cris Collinsworth : “Escapability”
Al Michaels : “Rodgers as good as it gets outside the pocket.”
(2 mins prior) ajknick : “Now Rogers looking kind of sh***y”
You were saying? ;)
PackerRanter : “Momentum. It takes a series or two. Once it starts, there’s no stopping it. # Packers

6:12 Driver picks up 5 to the Atlanta 38. 3rd and 5.
***Donald Driver the 11th different Packer to make a catch tonight***
5:33 Green Bay going 5-wide, Rodgers to Donald Driver, OFF his hands…4th down.
5:15 Crosby jogging onto the field. They’re trying the fieldgoal? From 56-57 yards out? I think this is a big mist…
jrehor : “CROSBY!”

…IT’S GOOD! I knew he’d nail it.
jsutlookn : “I never thought I’d say this, but Crosby might be the MVP of this game”
PackerRanter : “Braveleg!”
RahimTariq : “SLOCU- oh he made it. Nice.” …At least I wasn’t alone.
adbrandt : “Remember drafting Mason Crosby, knowing rest of kickers on roster were history as of that moment.”
I hear JerseyAL is a big fan…
foundinidaho : “Jersey Al just fainted. Go Mason!”

jasonjwilde : “Crosby crushes a 56-yard field goal. Falcons 14, Packers 9, 5:28 left 3Q. Ties career long for Crosby.”
14-9 Atlanta clinging.
5:30-4:00  Green Bay stands tough, Falcons gotta punt. Ryan looked deep to Julio Jones on 3rd down but Sammy Shields made an excellent play. The undrafted 2nd year pro stride-for-stride with the 1st round rookie.
TyDunne : “Sam Shields’ best play of the season.”
***The Falcons haven’t scored since their 2nd drive of the game***
3:51 Cobb catches at the Green Bay 36.. “Randall, welcome to the NFL.” -Mike Peterson. DECKED.
Al Michaels : “Hello Mike Peterson”
Nonetheless, Green Bay has possession and momentum, down just 5.
BlaqShady : “Remember when ATL was up 14-0? Me either…”
zcalvelli : “If the Packers can win playing like this, and with the in-game injuries, this could be another great year.”
3:42 1st and 10 from the 29-yard line for Rodgers and friends.
gbpf127 : “Torched!!!!”

Al Michaels : “…away goes Jones and Green Bay has the lead”
It was just a matter of time, seemingly always is.

***100th career TD pass for Aaron Rodgers*** 
ceallaigh_k : “Pwnd! Too bad Rodgers is too classy to hunt down Hayden and give that little puke the Belt.”
aaron_espn1005 : “Packers have the lead because of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers defense, dare i say it, stepping up.”
2-point conversion no good. Questionable call, Mike.
BrianCarriveau : “You do not go for two-point conversions in the third quarter.”
15-14 Green Bay with the lead.
4:00-3:00 The Falcons are suddenly a mess. (1) Turner, nothing. (2) Incomplete pass. (3) Ryan scrambles, not enough. Roddy White follows up with an unsportsmanslike conduct penalty.
Shh…do you hear that?
  wingoz : “did we just hear “go pack go” from the Georgia Dome?”
Why yes we did.
Cris Collinsworth : “Falcons coming a bit unglued right now. They are starting to unravel.”
MikeVandermause : “Are Falcons losing their cool? Roddy White unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after 4th straight failed drive by offense.”
2:21 Cobb calls for a fair catch, but HIT anyway by Atlanta.

Wait, what? No penatly?
Jeff Triplette : “There is no penalty for fair catch interference…Unsportsmanlike conduct, Green Bay”
Al Michaels : “You got me. I’m not sure I understand that call at all.”
JerseyAlGBP : “As MM would say – that’s a horse**** call”

Bill_Michaels : “The Falcons have now had 4 possessions, 3 of which have went 3 and out.”
PackerRanter:  “The wings are falling off the Falcons.”
1:30 1st and 10 for the Green Bay offense from the 32, incomplete pass. 2nd and 10, incomplete. 3rd and 10? JERMICHAEL FINELY for a 20-yard gain. Boo ya!
Great protection from the offensive line.
wingoz : “what happens when you have a team on the ropes and can’t throw a knock out punch,you get beat”
***276 yards through the air for Aaron Rodgers, with a full quarter to play, 11 different receivers***
howiemag : “Looks like Rodgers has completed a pass to everyone this side of Nick Toon.”
Cris Collinsworth : I think this game shifted when MM started trusting these tackles”
JerseyAlGBP : “So is Derrick Sherrod still Ted Thompson’s Jamal Reynolds?”

1:11 1st and 10 from the Atlanta 45…timeout called by Green Bay.
  alwaysapackrfan : “Need a TD here”
1:03 1st down, incomplete. 2nd and 10, underneath pass to Finley for 7 yards. (2 receptions, 36 yards)
 Injury timeout for Sean Weatherspoon, big loss.
FO_ASchatz : “C’mon Green Bay, run a tackle eligible. Make it 12 different receivers! You can do it!”
A premonition? …
0:50 3rd and 3 at the Atlanta 39 yard line…in the gun, quick slant to Randall Cobb for 13 yards and a 1st down!
Al Michaels : “That is 12 differet receivers for the equal opportunity specialist”
Cris Collinsworth : “Unbeliavable”
0:00 Crunch time, Green Bay on the move.
4th Quarter
jsutlookn : “After a bag of chocolate candy, I’m moving on to wine….will make that 6am wake up tomorrow that much more fun.”
Would be much easier with a win.

BrianCarriveau : “Ryan Taylor is the only skill position player not to catch a pass tonight.”
richeisen : “Rodgers is averaging 4 different receivers per quarter. Absurd.”
14:51 Seriously though, I need a quick bathroom brea— GREG JENNINGS across the middle! 29 yards! DIVVVVESSSS! TOUCHDOWN! Rodgers draws in the LB’s with a play-fake to Grant, pitch and catch over the middle to Jennings. Greg does the rest. My oh my.
Aaron_Nagler : “That, ladies and gentlemen, is a touchdown.”
PackerRanter : “Jennings. Stellar athlete extraordinaire. That was all GregJennings and it was fantastic.”
  RahimTariq : “Saving it for a big play this year — (BLEEP) YOU GUMBY!”

What a play.
22-14 Green Bay extends the lead
14:18 1st down, zilch. 2nd down, zip.
13:55 3rd down, Matt Ryan throws deep down the right sidelines to Harry Douglas…Catch! No catch! Definitely challenegable.
PriscoCBS : “No catch. Didn’t control it through the ground.”
PACKERHQ : “Thats a catch.”
Aaron_Nagler  “That is an incomplete pass.”
Make up your mind!
13:47 The ruling? “Incomplete pass. It’ll be 4th down, with 13:47 on the game clock”
jasonjwilde : “That is a big, big, big successful challenge there by McCarthy. Pass incomplete, fourth down.”
Breathing a sigh of relief that Tripplete actually got it right. (I’ve spelled Jeff’s name differently 4 times now, still unsure which is correct)
running4laga : “Anything Jeff Tripplet says sounds like it should be followed up with… ‘do you want to see my pet rock collection?’ ”

13:47 4th down from their own 24 yard line, dey gotsta punt.
***3rd straight 3 and out, 4th punt this half for Atlanta***
Dom. Capers.
Interesting analagy about tonight’s game…
Wagszilla : “Making chicken salad out of chicken ****”
13:35 1st and 10 from the 30, Rodgers ready to roll. 22 unanswered points…Gain of 8 Rodgers-Nelson.
12:56 2nd and 2, Starks the give…rumbles ahead for 6.
12:38 Illegal substitution penalty called by…Tripplete…negate 5.
ChadReuter : “Reading Lips of Coach Mike McCarthy on that substitution call: “That’s b*ll****, man. B*ll****.”
jrehor : “**** you Triplette”
Sorry Joe Buck, Jeff T. has passed you as my least favorite person ever…Tied with Jeff Suppan of course.

12:18 1st and 15 from the 35. QUCIK throw to Jennings for 8.
***12 players with atleast one catch tonight, tied for most in any game in team history …tied with Favre***
11:28 3rd and 11 from the Green Bay 41-yard line. Rodgers back…Nope, timeout Atlanta. How do you allow a timeout in the middle of a play? Asking for a season-ending injury right there, Jeff.
jasonjwilde : “I get the sneaking suspicion that Jeff Triplette is not among the NFL ‘s finest referees.”
ceallaigh_k : “Triplett, you don’t get a timeout when the ball is already in play. Seriously? How does this guy have a job?”
Close to passing Suppan. It’s a tight race.

 11:29 We’ll do it again on 3rd and 11. Rodgers snaps one off to Finely–CATCH…hit…dropped. Again. 4th down.
TyDunne : “Not the way to get a multi-year extension. In traffic, but had to have it.”
Max Ginsberg : “The fact that everyone is making such a big deal over two drops goes to show how rarely Finley drops a pass.”
The voice of reason.

11:12 1st and 10 for the Falcons from their own 16 yard line. 84 yards  to the endzone, down 8 points.
11:00 Turner for no gain. Aj Hawk with a 15- yard personal foul penalty.
greenandgold19 : “Personal foul on Hawk? Has that ever happened in his career? Get angry, defense! Like Gordon in Dodgeball angry!”

Falcon Joe Holley flopped after Hawk “grazed” him…Get this guy to a casting call.
Al Michaels : “Best supporting actor”
PackerRanter : “I had a bunny once. His names was Floppers.”

RahimTariq : “Unnecessary ref-ness.” That’s what I heard.”
KelKelKelKel : “Can we get # suckitTriplett trending?”

Triplett strikes again.
10:00 At their own 35
9:00 At the Green Bay 41, Gonzalez another big reception
8:00 1st and 10 At the Green Bay 29. Ryan back to pass, SACKED! BISHOPED! He knew Desmond Bishop was coming — even yelled it at the line of scrimmage – and couldn’t do a thing about it.
gbpf127 : “Bish. Please!!!”
Aaron_Nagler : “Bish. Please.”
jrehor : “Bish please”
Ohhh, I get it… ;)
7:27 2nd and 21. Ryan drops back, lets loose…TIPPED! PICKED OFF! CHARLIE PEPRAH! Green Bay Packers football.
***127 INT’s by the Green Bay defense since 2006 is the most in the NFL***
Cris Collinsworth : “The Packers defensive backs have taken over this game” 

7:02 1st and 10  for Rodgers from their own 22. Sacked, Ray Edwards.
***Ray Edwards (former Minnesota Viking, signed with the Falcons after a Skype session — true story) 1st sack of the season***
waynelarrivee : “11 million and it took him 5 weeks to get a sack”
TyDunne : “Randall Cobb, not Driver, on the field for this crucial # Packers drive.”
6:55 Quick drop, Rodgers fires to Cobb for 16, gains it all back on 2nd and 18.
MaxGinsberg : “The future is now.”  
Aaron_Nagler : “2nd and 18 with Rodgers is like 2nd and 8 for most quarterbacks.”

6:17 Rodgers in the gun, 3rd and 2. From the 30. Over the middle…so freaking smooth. Finely for 25 yards down to the Atlanta 43 yard line! 
PackerDrunk : “88 with the big 2 and a bunch”

***Aaron Rodgers: 375 yards passing***
FauxJohnMadden : “Aaron Rodgers makes being a professional quarterback look so easy. Not Kardashian sister “easy”, but easy.”

Cris Collinsworth : “he’s not even looking at the pass rushers anymore.”
Newhouse and Sherrod quietly coming into their own.
5:30 …It’s a one score game — 8 points! – and many Falcons fans are fleeing the stadium. Yes I’m a massive homer, but that would never happen in Lambeau.
audsGoPackGo : “Gone – later falcon “fans”. I never understand when they leave when the game clearly isn’t over. ” …First-hand witness

5:00 Down to the 30
…driving…Jones for 1
4:00 Down to the 20
…driving…Grant for 6
3:00 Down to the 17, Atlanta calls timeout.
What’s this? 
AntKingSmith : “they ballin now”
Former safety for the Packers — Anthony Smith – cheering on the Green and Gold…?
I’ll leave it at that. We all remember what happened there.
 3:00 Down to the 12. This put-the-game-away drive defines what it is to be a championship team.
 “Go-PACK-GO” climbing to crescendo in the Georgia Dome.
TeamRodgersEra : “Wow at halftime people were skeptical about our comeback….never underlook the Green Bay Packers!”

2:15 Starks finds the yellow line for another 1st down. Atlanta now out of timeouts.
Cris Collsinworth : “That effectively ends it.”

2:00 Minute Warning
1:59 3rd and 13, give to Starks for 5-6.
1:14 Timeout Green Bay. Crosby trots on, dagger in hand.
jasonjwilde : “The GeorgiaDome  DJ turning up the Billy Idol because there are hardly any fans left here to cheer.”

1:08 Crosby’s kick sails through the up-rights.
Cris Collinsworth : “That’s what champions do. They find a way to get it done.”
jasonjwilde : “Crosby is good from 30 yards out and it’s 25-14. What a phenomenal, gutty win. I am officially impressed.”
25-14 It’s over, baby
PackersTherapy : “Wayne Larrivee just administered the dagger. Sounds about right.”
PackersMult : “It’s his dagger, and he’s a just executioner. Hasn’t been wrong yet.”

 1:10 Crosby “bangs” the kickoff through the endzone.
…garbage time…
MrsBeltworthy38 : “I ******* wish there was a way. to express. how much. I # love this team. # PACKERS .”

***Lost in the shuffle: Tony Gonzalez passes Tim Brown in career receptions***
0:32 Interception, Jarret Bush. Dagger already inserted, now twisted.
gbpf127 : “Matty. Slushie.”
Matty Ice-Melt? Matty Solar-salt? Matty Iced? Too easy.

jasonjwilde : “Bush intercepts Ryan to end it, and behind me, Ted Thompson is yelling “Get down! Get down!” at Bush as he runs all over the place.”
Chezhdchick : “So, Atlanta, how’s that “belt removal celebration” working for you? You mock The Belt, you take the L.”

Victory Formation.
MaxGinsberg : “Heck of a win for the Packers tonight. On the road, down 14, and they still pulled it out. Good teams find a way to win.”
PackerRanter : “Atlanta Fire Department will no longer allow the # Packers in the Georgia Dome. Public safety is at risk because they torch the place.”
rcobb18  (Randall Cobb): “Man this team has so much heart! We’ve faced some adversity early this season but We never let it phase us! # gopackgo

JermichaelF88  (Jermichael Finley): “1 Team 1 Goal”

BJ Raji (via Jason Wilde) : “We have better players, we have better coaches, we’re a better team.”
stickyshields37  (sam shields): “One game at a time # gopackgo

Raji : “It’s definitely another dagger in their chests. They’ve been talking the whole offseason, they were talking before the game.”
mnewhouse74 (Marshal Newhouse): “So blessed and unworthy of praise, without him I am nothing.”
Hats off, sir. Great game.
Raji : “We’re the champions. We play like champions. People who talk don’t get to where they want to go. With this team, it’s evident.”
Aaron_Nagler : “Your move Detroit”

Ball game.
MilwaukeeBrian : “Another fantastic weekend in Wisconsin state sports. # Packers # Brewers # BadgersByeWeek


hammen : “It’s WINsconsin now ;)”


@AlexTallitsch : “Great game. Always a tough place to win. # Packers
A bit of analysis:
JerseyAlGBP : “Packers vs. Falcons – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: Packers 25, Falcons 14

adamczech : “My unfiltered thoughts on tonight’s # Packers win:
greenbayblood : “I thought you guys would like to know that Aaron Rodgers’ current QB rating for the year is 122. And he has a 7:1 TD:INT ratio. MVP”

acmepackingco : “Recap: Packers Score Final 25 Points To Defeat Falcons, 25-14
PocketDoppler : “Sailing the Seas of Cheese: The Postgame Post Mortem –
nfl : “Watch highlights of the Packers SNF win over Atlanta that gives them an NFL-best 5-0 record:

It’s not all good…
CheeseheadTV : “McCarthy: Clifton Has “Significant” Hamstring Injury



KelKelKelKel : ” # ThrowbackWeekend is going to be AMAZING!”

jrehor : “5-0 going into # ThrowbackWeekend Heck yes!”
Midwestfan : “GO PACK GO! # throwbackweekend here we come!”
…Lest we all forget, this weekend marks the arrival of Throwback Weekend. Not only will the Packers be welcoming the hapless St. Louis Rams to Lambeau Field, but friends, family, bloggers, writers, fans, stalkers, and Twitter-ers alike will be gathering for what should – undoubtedly – be an epic weekend (See for more info). Rest up friends; you’re going to need it. Thanks for being you.
GregJennings : “5-0….. Oh Fa Sho!!!!”


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  • John Rehor

    So great to have this back-by far my favorite read after every game

    Welcome back Rich! No more trips to the IR for you

    • Rich Ward

      I appreciate it, John…You’ve been one of the most vocal when it comes to spreading the word. Thanks brother.

  • gingesoby

    Awesome ! Love this ! Thanks so much !

  • Anita

    I LOVE TWITTER REACTION DAY!! I wondered what happened to it! Welcome back to action, Rich!

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    Excellent! Count me with those who missed it…..and may I suggest a few more games spent with your family? (I loved your grandmother’s comments last year at the Day after Christmas game against the Giants!)

    • Rich Ward

      Quite possibly the most hectic — but most fun — Twitter diary I have done. Family parties are always intense, but trying to type, watch a game, keep up, peruse Twitter, socialize, and listen to those around while kids scream and run in front of the TV, dogs bark, dishes get passed, kisses and pinches on the cheek get issued, and Grandma Joanie exclaims “you must try the fudge!” … I imagine that’s what hell may be like. Jk, it was a grand time. Our family get-togethers are one of a kind.

      Thanks for remembering!

  • Annie (@jsutlookin)

    Awesome and funny as usual, Rich. So glad to see the return of the Twitter diary. When I saw the tweet this morning it started my day off right! Thanks for doing it!

  • foundinidaho

    I will point out I was late to the party because I was watching the game with JerryKramer4HOF – although I notice she’s better at tweeting while watching with people than I am! Glad to see you made it back to full strength Rich. Fun stuff.

    • Rich Ward

      Thanks, but I’m just glad you made it “to the party.” :)

  • Dale Zawada

    This is the first diary of the year I’ve been in I think. I brought it this week! 6-0 next week!

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