As much as I thought I was going to regret rolling out the morgue pic a the beginning of the game as it looked like the Packers need to go find a toe tag for themselves, let’s open up the slab for the Falcons as the Packers roll to a 5-0 start.

  • This game reminds me a lot of that game in Chicago last fall. Team didn’t look good. A lot of mental errors. Not nearly as many penalties, but one of those games where the Packers were their own worst enemy. Definitely a game to give them pause and refocus. Fortunately, they were able to calm down and play their game in the end. A win is a win, and I don’t care if it was an ugly one. We may have been ugly for three quarters, but the Falcons were uglier.
  • Hayden, enough with mocking the belt.  We get it already.  Whatevs. Don’t make me drop a house on your punk, boring self.
  •  Hey Defense? Remember that technique you first learned in Pop Warner Football? You know that whole wrap both of your arms around the guy with the ball and drag him quickly to the ground? Yeah, that’s still a respectable technique even in the big league.
  • Saw Rodgers say a little prayer before taking the field the for the first time. Aaron, buddy, could you ask the Big Guy to please let Cobb know it’s sometimes okay to take the touch back and take a knee in the end zone? Same goes for signaling a fair catch.
  • I think I threw up a little when Clifton went down. Not to be completely pessimistic, but we are suddenly incredibly anemic in the Offensive Line. I was all set to blame Sherrod for Rodgers eating turf early and often. But as the second half started TJ Lang was the one offering up is QB as a sacrifice to the Sack gods. You know what, gentlemen? I like my quarterback standing up, ideally throwing the ball, not asking for a spatula to peel himself off the astroturf.
  • Seriously, who keeps saying the Packers can’t run a screen play? Was refreshing to see Green in for one of them. Nice preview of things to come from him.
  • So Finley dropped it right before half. “Give it to your play makers,” he whined this past week. Perhaps he’ll now realize There is No I in Shut Up and Do the Work . Sorry gang, I do not speak Diva. Never have, never will. Maybe giant mistakes like that one will put a damper on future childish temper tantrums. He’s a talented kid, and hopefully a lot of this grandstanding will be cured by age and experience.
  • You know, I was thinking McCarthy was nuts for not declining the illegal hands to the face penalty in the third quarter. After all, it was 4th and 1. Obviously he has more faith in the defense.
  • Mason Crosby for a 56 yard field goal. Yeah, he’s not the greatest kicker in the league. But three points is better than punting it away. Besides, it’s kind of fun picturing Jersey Al grumbling to himself after that one.
  • James. Jones. Okay, so he’s no Julio Jones. But just like he did in the play off game in the ATL last year, he proved he’s a go-to receiver for points. He didn’t catch everything tossed to him tonight, but he made the reception when it mattered most. But what was up with the try for two? May be very liberal in my politics, but I am a conservative play caller. You don’t give away a guaranteed point this early in the game.
  • Hey, Al Michaels, enough bringing that old man from Mississippi up for comparison very chance you get. He hasn’t been a part of the family four over three years. Not everything Rodgers does needs a …but Favre did it… Blahblahblah bored now. Same goes for blowing sunshine up Cam Newton’s skirt. Al, Newton is 1-4. Why not give our boy Rodgers some props. He and the rest of the Packers are undefeated.
  • So about Triplett’s call when Cobb tried to signal (finally!) a fair catch that wasn’t a flag yet it was a flag. So you catch the punt, the play ends and you send your offense out to play, yet it is unsportsmanlike and illegal so that is a flag-worthy offense. Insane Troll Logic Say What? Seriously, how does this guy still have a job in the NFL, let alone get the call to do the Sunday Night game? Or was it Slocum coming out on to the field? If that is the case, then the ass chewing I saw McCarthy dole out to his happily mediocre Special Teams coach was completely worth it. (Please see above bewilderment over how some people still have jobs.)
  • Of course I would miss Jenning’s TD because the monkeys would decide to get out of bed and stage a coup right about that time. All I heard was Blue 58 and the southern division of the Packer Nation go absolutely nuts. Figures. Pack finds its groove and I have to stave off a fifty pound revolt. Story of my life.
  • Took nearly three quarters, but it appears that Sammy Shields finally figured out how to pwn the great Julio Jones. (Seriously, Julio? As much as I love the Crimson Tide, now that you play for the Dirty Birds, I must turn my back on you. But thanks for that National Championship in 2010. Still hoping that the baby brother’s alma mater Alabama takes on my beloved Wisconsin where winner gets the Coaches’ Trophy.)
  • Wow, talk about a challenge that made all the difference. Boo to the Yah. Fourth Down, disbelievers.
  • Speaking of Roll Tide Roll, how ’bout that interception by Peprah? Bump, set, interception! The concentration to secure that ball was amazing.
  • Okay, that slam above to the new guys on the line? It was written in the first quarter. So here it is: Derek Sherrod, I am sorry I likened you to Tony Mandarich. I completely take it back. Wow, am I floored how Newhouse and Sherrod took a potentially dire situation and rose to the challenge. Nothing like do it or lose horribly to motivate an extremely young line to mature and figure it out in under 60 minutes. I’ll admit I’m feeling a little better about the possibility of both Bulaga and Clifton not dressing next week. Just don’t shave your beard off, Derek. You’ll never be able to buy a six pack of beer with that baby face. But I like your baby face.
  • Speaking of maturing before your eyes, the secondary seemed to figure it out and function as unit by the fourth quarter. They did a great job reading Matty Melt’s desperation. The tackling was improved by the end of the game. Not perfect, but definitely headed in the right direction.
  • Meanwhile Nick Barnett scores a Pick 6 and the bitteristas declare that the Packers are morons for letting him go. But the Pack is still 5-0. Not bad for a bunch of morons. Seriously, haters to the left.
  • And in further news, Tim Tebow is not the second coming, Newton may be really talented but who cares when your team is holding up the basement, and the shine is officially of Mike Vick.
  • Meanwhile the Packers have the best quarterback in the league! Woo to the Hoo. At this rate he’s on target to throw for 5507 yards and something insane like 45 touchdowns this season.  (Thanks to Kyle Cousineau for that little bit of trivia!) At this point, Brady who?
  • Rodgers will unfortunately always be compared to the guy that came before him. But the biggest difference between the two is what puts Rodgers head and shoulders above the other guy. Had the other guy been down like the Pack was at the end of the first quarter, he’d try to put the whole thing on his own shoulders and start forcing things that would lead to a lot of mistakes and interceptions. On the flip side, Rodgers holds up his end of the bargain and then raises the other ten on the field up so that truly is a team effort.  Like he said this week, it takes all 53 to become a champion.
  • Speaking of undefeated, do I really have to cheer for the Bears tomorrow? It will give me hives or something.  Have I over- used my meteor joke, or should I just hope that the Lions choke and just leave it at that?
  • I hate the There is Your Dagger bit. Yeah, it got old long last season. But the Dagger of this game wasn’t Bush’s interception to effectively end the game. Heck, at this point, I kind of expect an interception with time expiring. But this weeks 5-0 dagger goes to Mike McCarthy with the momentum gaining challenge on that Falcon’s catch that was close but no cigar. Seriously, after that call, the Falcons didn’t have a chance. Siyonara, Dirty Birds. Hop on the slab and enjoy a place in the Packer Morgue.
  • On to week six and the festivities of Throw Back Weekend!

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  • Anita

    Yes. We must root for the Bears tomorrow. Michigan is stealing Wisconsin’s thunder. They also have an undefeated NFL team and a MLB team in the conference championship(I know. I live here). And they also think that their college football team (who have the easiest schedule on the face of the earth) is as good as the Badgers’ undefeated record. As if. Whatever-cakes. Time to silence these bandwagon Lions fans who last week couldn’t name three members of the starting line-up, but are suddenly life long Lions fans.

    I do stand with them when it comes to hockey (Go, Red Wings), but we aren’t talking hockey.

  • BigSnakeMan

    Since I can’t bring myself to actively root for either of the Monday night contestants, I will simply assume the posture of an interested bystander and hope they beat each other up pretty good.

  • foundinidaho

    I’m not saying “Go Bears”, no matter what my buddy Jeran says, but I want the Lions to lose. That’s about as far as I can go.

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