While he has tried to back away from it, Brett Favre can’t seem to get out of his own way when it comes to commenting on the Green Bay Packers and the man who replaced him at QB, Aaron Rodgers. Along the way to picking the Packers to beat the Falcons this weekend, NY Times sportswriter Mike Tanier lobbed this perfectly written bomb:

Of course, for some that turning point arrived a little late. “I’m really surprised that it kind of took him so long,” Brett Favre said of the three interminable years it took Aaron Rodgers to lead the Packers to the Super Bowl. Who knew that through all of those quasi-retirements, through his stints with the Jets and the Vikings, Favre was just impatiently waiting for Rodgers to close the deal? Favre did not sound as if  he was trying to insult Rodgers — he has simply lost the ability to compliment people who are not him — but teammates and analysts have rushed to Rodgers’s defense, which he does not really need. It had been peaceful months since the last self-serving Favre rant. What took him so long?

Perhaps Favre is just misunderstood. Maybe he didn’t mean to insult the Packers or their QB. Perhaps he should offer less ambiguous comments if he’s asked again in the future, maybe something along the lines of “I was delighted to see my old team win the Super Bowl. Aaron played well. Their future looks bright.” Heck, if he wanted to win back the hearts of the many Packers who have soured on him since he left GB, he might even make that proposed first sentence “I was delighted to see us win the Super Bowl.”

Or, perhaps, the best course is simply to decline comment in the future.


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  • http://www.twitter.com/RichWardJr Rich Ward

    For a man who could not have been more beloved throughout the state of Wisconsin and heck, the nation, he really seems to burning a lot of bridges.

    With the scandals, text messages – eh hem, comments, fake retirements, etc. could it be possible that Green Bay would actually consider not retiring Favre’s jersey? Or is that not even an option no matter what he does off the field?

    • http://www.retaggr.com/page/crichar3 Chris

      4 has earned his spot in Packers lore. His number should be retired, he should be in the team’s HoF and his name/number should go up on the facade with all the other greats in team history. But his moment needs to be deferred, at least until Rodgers’ tenure is finished in GB. Too much static remains in the channel, too much noise for Packers fans to feel good about Favre. Time heals all wounds (one way or another) and the requisite amount of time will be extended in this instance based on the deep feelings this player generated among the fanbase.

  • Colleen

    You know, I think Motley Crue said it best – “Girl (or Favre) don’t go away mad, girl, just go away.” Shush, Brett.

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    I think that the vast majority of Packer fans would be thoroughly disgusted if Favre were to utter “us” in regard to Our Team. After all he’s said in the past few years, urging our opponents to kick our asses….it’ll be a long, long time before Favre is one of Us again.