This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme Your Green Bay Chill.

Kayla Richie – WR/DB

Let’s start the morning off right with Why Milwaukee Has the Edge in Game 5 .

Disciples of Uecker also seems positive, saying Five A Good Number For Yovani Gallardo .

Miller Park Drunk with how we’re approaching The Milwaukee Brewers’ Finest Hour .

Total Packers on how Rodgers Is Using White’s Comments For Motivation .

I agree with that statement 100%: Packers Should Extend Wells Before Finley .

Badger of Honor on the BCS, Gotta Love the Broken System .

Looks like he’s back to Tweeting to pass the time, Bogut’s NBL deal “off” due to insurance issues .

I was watching this & all I could thing of was Monty Python & “That rabbit’s dynamite!”: Hey Look, Another Squirrel Interrupted A Cardinals-Phillies Game .

I thought ‘Cat Rescuer’ was an interesting idea here, Other Jobs NBA Players Can Do During the Lockout .

Here are Seven Ways to Get Happier Now, I’ll add an eighth to the list – make plans to come to Throwback Weekend next week.

I shuddered multiple times reading through this list of Ten Real People You’d Never Want to Be Stuck In a Cage With , the horror.

You can create your own witty comment for this title, Saved By The Boob: 6 Woman Who Owe Their Lives To Breast Implants .

I’m going to be serious here for a minute, so bear with me or feel free to skip right over this.  I dislike Apple computing platforms (even though I own & love my iPad) & hate Apple fanboys/girls and their smug attitudes that somehow their Macbook can do the things my PC notebook can’t do, when in all actuality they’re basically the same things with different wrappers. While I despised and resisted the products Steve Jobs’ company created, those same products changed the products I did use because of the influence on the market. So in many ways, even not being an Apple/Mac user, Steve Jobs directly influenced the tools I use everyday. Jobs was a true visionary, a marketing & product development genius who’s contributions to all of our lives, whether you realize it or not, were & are simply amazing. Here’s a run down of the Reactions and Tributes to the passing of Steve Jobs.

To make up the above mini-tribute, here’s some photos of Mayra Suarez in lingerie .

Now It’s Do or Die, Right Ron? – Well here we go.  In roughly 13 or so hours from now Brewers’ fans will be celebrating an NLDS win or kicking over furniture in frustration and anger.  I would like to say I have a good feeling about tonight, I really would, but as of right now I actually I have no feeling whatsoever as I’m trying to avoid getting too amped up for this game & make the day drag on.  No matter what happens tonight, it was a fun & at times aggravating season but then aren’t they all like that? All we can do at this point is bide our time, watch the clock and hope that the magic that is the 2011 Brewers season continues, if it doesn’t, at least we have football to fall back on.

Watch later today for Week 5 of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators and also the debut of the new Friday column, Ranter Blather by of course guys from I don’t even know what they’re going to be writing but I can guarantee you it’ll be worth the time.  As they say in die Fatherland…bis später, haben ein tolles Wochenende und wir werden Sie sehen, hier hinten am Montag.

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  • Safford and Son

    Funny how Badger fans this year sound exactly like TCU fans last year….. the BCS sucks… it is really just the best SEC team vs. the most POPULAR undefeated team…. always has been…and always will be.

    • Wally

      Well put. Any realistic Badgers fan knows that the team will need help, namely a loss by LSU, Alabama or Oklahoma, for any shot at a National Championship appearance. Even then, assuming the Badgers have run the table there is no guarantee even with one of the other top 5 teams stumbling they could be playing in that game.