Weekends are so gosh darn short….especially during football season. Friday nights might include a high school game…got some good teams in my area this year. Sundays are unavailable…fantasy football and the Sunday Ticket keep me focused throughout.

On Saturdays, if I am headed to Camp Randall, departure time for an 11AM start typically is at 8AM and I get home sometime after 5PM. If I am not heading to the Badger game during the college football season I wake up, take care of some chores and errands, and then prepare for 11AM, 2:30PM,and 7PM football games. (When I was younger I used to also catch a 9:30PM start just for good measure). One of those time slots typically includes a Badger game. Either way, Saturday is gone.

I need a bye week every once in a while. The three-plus hours I get back on a Saturday without Badger football might mean a little golf, some time to work on a class, lawn mowing, wood splitting, shopping, or some additional backyard baseball/football time. Time slows down on bye weeks…if the Northwestern-Michigan game gets a little slow I can get that nap in. The fish tank gets cleaned, the yard gets trimmed up, and the car might even get a wash.

I hate the thought of losing a game, and the Badgers won’t lose this Saturday.

What will you be doing this Saturday with no Badger football to watch? Enjoy your bonus time.