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Cassie Anderson – RB/LB

Shaun Marcum was less than stellar yesterday as the Diamondbacks got their first win of the NLDS, beating the Brewers 8-1 .

Jack over at Disciples of Uecker says the Milwaukee Paid For Roenicke’s Long Leash .

And then there’s this: Favre Speaks. People Record It. We Blog. You Freak Out.

All Green Bay Packers’ Week 5 Stock Report: Nelson and Rodgers Rising, Hawk and NFL Security Falling .

Badger of Honor on Montee Ball’s Historic Touchdown Pace .

From Anonymous Eagle, With Apologies to High Fidelity: Marquette’s Conference History, Reexamined .

Midwest Sports Fans Week 5 Power Rankings where are own Amanda Lawson takes the helm for the #1 entry.

TCU Cheerleaders Look Amazing This Year, they sure do.

The real question now is how many in this list of the Highest Pro Athlete Salaries of 2011 actually deserved what they got?

I always felt bad for Big Bird that no one else could see Snuffleupagus, I mean, he’s right there!! Ten Things We Forgot About Sesame Street .

This is pretty cool, Kid Reacts to Empire Strikes Back Reveal .

Not sure how many people reading this site will ever need this info, but you never know… Non-Alcoholic Beers, Taste Tested.

It’s name is the Wake ‘n Bacon, you figure it out from there: The Greatest Alarm Clock In All The Land .

Of course I’m gonna post this… 30 New Photos of Kate Upton Flaunting Her Hotness in Beach Bunny Swimwear .

Hate Being Right Sometimes – Yesterday  I said I didn’t think the Brewers would pull off the sweep against the Diamondbacks last night.  Even though in a corner of my mind I was going for the ole reverse psychology approach, something just didn’t feel right about closing it out last night and sure enough that’s what happened. Today though, I’m calling my shot & saying the Brewers advance to the NLCS with a win.  Two reasons really: 1) I said Brewers in 4 and will stick to that; 2) I don’t entirely trust Randy Wolf as a pitcher and every time I pencil him in for a loss he and the Brewers prove me wrong, so this time I’m giving in & going with him.  Scientific or rationale?  Hell no, but what part of being a fan has ever been scientific or rationale.

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