The Milwaukee Brewers tasted their first defeat of the postseason tonight, losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks 8-1. The series is now 2-1 in favor of Milwaukee. Game 4 is in Arizona.

It was not a good night for Brewers’ starter Shaun Marcum. The grand slam he gave up in the 5th inning ended his day, but he was bad from the very start. He was constantly behind in the count and didn’t have much control. Milwaukee has gotten some luck recently here in the desert, but it wasn’t going to help them tonight. Marcum hasn’t been his best in the last 3 weeks, which could become a big concern, mainly because most other playoff teams don’t have a reliably-deep starting rotation. The Brewers were hoping that what would set them apart.

The Brewers finally got to the Diamindback’s rookie pitcher Josh Collmenter, though not for much; he was scoreless in his only 2 starts against Milwaukee. Corey Hart hit a 3rd inning solo home run to cut the score to 3-1, but it wasn’t nearly enough. The Crew put up 3 total hits against Arizona and were basically shut down, looking quite foolish against a rookie who had a solid first season in the majors.

So with a 2-1 series advantage, Milwaukee will take another shot tomorrow at moving onto the next round. Randy Wolf will start Game 4 at the same time tomorrow night, also hoping to improve on some recent play.


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  • BigSnakeMan

    No surprise they lost to Collmenter; he had their number during the regular season and it was more of the same this game. But the performance of Marcum was rather disquieting.

  • JH89

    About the only good thing from this game was Craig Council getting a standing ovation from tge crowd.

    Hopefully the crew can just put this one behind them and close this series out tonight.

    • Big MO

      That is what happens when you are a classy, hard-working player who plays for the love of the game.