Midnight and I just pulled into the driveway on the other side of the state after an absolutely fabulous day at Lambeau. The husband had to work all weekend, so the dad and I made an afternoon of it. Always love going to games with him. Only down side of this game was that my lips are now sunburned. But since you don’t want to hear about me sunburning my lips or nose, on to the post mortem…

  • Anyone who is still  doing the superiority dance and saying that Aaron Rodgers is not an elite quarterback is kindly invited to go die in a fire. 29 of 38, 408 yards in the air, 4 TD passes, 2 more run in on his own. Quarterback rating of 134.5 even with an interception. With stats like that, does anyone even care what Mr. Bunchen did to day?
  • That said, the Broncos were slow on the uptake. For the record, Denver, if the Packers are in the red zone and no one is lined up in the backfield, it might behoove you to watch the quarterback, because he may just run it in himself and pwn you for six. Again.
  • Speaking of pwnage, how about an onside kick at the end of the first quarter to welcome the Broncos to Lambeau. That is what’s called announcing once’s presence with authority. The only thing better was the giant FU to Bill Billicheat to start off the game last year in New England. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition an onside kick that early in a game. Too bad the Broncos didn’t review film from that game in New England.
  • Old Man Driver is indestructible. Did anyone else think it was curtains for Quickie after he hitched a ride to the tunnel on the hearse injury wagon of doom? Not only did he return second half like nothing had happened, the Grand Old Man continued to eclipse Lofton’s record and even managed to score a Lambeau Leap
  • I love how the fans will call the play and not-so-subtly tip off the opponent that the ball will be going to Kuhn and yet teams still cannot stop the guy.
  • Morgan Burnett continues to dazzle with his interception skills, but holy god does he need to improve his tackling skills. Honey, stop jogging along side the guy with the ball. Take your arms, use both of them, wrap them around the guy with the ball and drag him to the ground. Until you figure out that missing link to your skills set, you are only half of the necessary equation on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Liked five in the secondary. Not sure if it proves it takes two people to do what Nick Collins was able to accomplish, but I think this formation will only get better with time.
  • And who said Charles Woodson is playing like an old man? What an awesome Pick Six!
  • Anyone else here think they were having a stroke when Clifton briefly went out? Picturing Ted Thompson crapping a brick and making the following call, Hi, Mark? it’s Ted. What are you doing next weekend?
  • Thank god Derek Mandarich Sherrod didn’t let Rodgers get killed in the one down he played.
  • Bump, set, interception. It may have been ugly, but when you win the turnover battle, you tend to win games.
  • James Jones caught a TD. Haters get off his back.
  • James Jones bobbled the ball and led to Rodgers’ only interception. Haters, go get your pitchforks and torches again.
  • Seriously, make up your mind, Jones. Are you going to be good or are you going to be happily mediocre. Fish or cut bait, man!
  • Nice to see Starks getting his groove back after running for something between jack and squat last week.
  • Desmond is driving a party bus when he’s celebrating, right? So ridiculous of a dance it is kind of amusing.  Seriously, Des, a party bus?
  • This wasn’t a trap game. The trap game is next week.


And in other observations around the league…

  • And then there were two undefeated teams in the entire league. But I’m not convinced Detroit came from behind to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat as much as biding their time for Tony Romo to prove once again he is Tony Romo.
  • Jason Garrett should probably start looking for other employment opportunities.
  • I think the shine is officially off Mike Vick. Dude, you are one giant whiny little child. Go away, you cease to amuse me. Come to think of it, you’ve never amused me.
  • Rex Ryan looks like an angry old grandma, especially in profile.
  • Nothing like a little schadenfreude to finish the evening after the Dream Team drops to 1-3.
  • Yeah, yeah, Matt Forte may have run for over 200 yards today, but who held him to something like seven and a half inches last week?

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  • Anita

    My only team to lose this weekend was my fantasy team! ND, Wisconsin, the Brewers and the Packers all announced their presense with authority (thank you, Cubs for not playing. You always seem to poop on my parties). Even better was the fact that I was IN Wisconsin to enjoy them all with my people (cheeseheads).

    Oh wait. There was one team that lost this week. My Fantasy Football team. How BAD was my team this week? Consider my starting QB was Aaron Rodgers and he scored 68 of the 125 my team scored. The rest of you are about to go on the chopping block. Except for Jennings. He scored 17 points. I’m keeping him. I was dumb enough to leave Jordy on my bench. SMH.