I like to claim that I’m rarely wrong, but boy, was I on this one. 

Yes, even I can admit that I was wrong and Ryan Brown was seriously right on this one.

I wrote back in training camp that I wasn’t impressed with Randall Cobb just yet, and I thought our fan base jumped on him a bit too soon. We hadn’t seen the kid in pads yet, and I felt that he needed to prove himself a bit and reign in his enthusiasm/stuff he said to the press. He hit the ground way too often after catching a ball, and all I heard about of him in college play was how he could run and make moves.

I tend to be cynical before I’m optimistic when it comes to our new drafts, especially when we haven’t seen them in a regular season game situation.

I wanted Cobbler to prove himself in a few games and that he could handle the pressure that so many promising drafts crumbled under.

And he has definitely delivered, Desmond Howard style.

During the draft, I predicted that TT would focus on using Cobb as a PR/KR, as the lockout impacted how much he could be used elsewhere. Thus far, his stats are 7 carries, 148 yards and 2 touchdowns. One of those touchdowns, of course, being from a kick return.

Cobb was voted Rookie of the Week after Week 1, where he scored the two touchdowns in the season opener. One was off the KR, while the other was on on a pass reception after he ran the wrong route. Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t even know he ran the wrong route – that’s how flawless this guy is.

Cobb is catching passes at a higher rate (vs his playing time) than Jennings. In 2010, only seven rookie receivers and tight ends caught more than 40 passes.

It’s not really his stats that turned me on this guy, but his expressions and how upset he looks when he doesn’t make a solid gain or enough yardage on a return. That’s the kind of guys we want on our team – you see it in Finley when he doesn’t make a catch. Passion and teamwork go hand and hand for Packer Nation.

Randall Cobb, consider me a fan. I bet you’re going to do great things this season. You are dangerous when it comes to open field running, and I know Pack Nation loves it.

4-0, baby.


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  • Chris

    “I tend to be cynical before I’m optimistic…”

    What’s wrong with that? I am sure BigSnakeMan would agree.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to see something before getting all hot and bothered. Now we all see Randall “Tex” Cobb is far better at football than boxing. So let’s celebrate him. No worries about expressing concerns about the best player on a bad college team.

    • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

      Me?! Cynical?! Pffft!