Spoiled we are right now in Wisconsin. OK…so the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers play at home Sunday against the Denver Broncos. The Brewers? Well, they are still playing, opening the playoffs with games Saturday and Sunday versus the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Badgers? Yep, they are playing the game of week in college football at hme against Nebraska. Good grief…if this don’t get the Green Bay/Milwaukee/Madison economies a jump start I don’t know what will.
Early reports from Madison are that Nebraska license plates are everywhere. Game tickets are extremely pricey, with Badger season ticket holders faced with the dilemna of whether or not to pay for their entire season ticket package by selling their tickets to this game. Milwaukee has gone crazy over the Brewers, with clothing sales skyrocketing and game tickets going for twice face value. The Packers? Amazingly, they are third fiddle this weekend.
Fate is fickle. Will the Brewer pitching staff be able to stay as healthy as they did this past year? Probably not. Russell Wilson somehow finding another year of eligibility? Not gonna happen. The Packers repeating as Super Bowl champs? The odds are against it…just too many variables.
I remember when the only consistent winner in Wisconsin was the Milwaukee Bucks. Those days will eventually return. Enjoy, really enjoy, this weekend.