This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NFL Daughters.

Cassie Trammell (Judy Trammell, Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader…yes this one was a stretch but you can’t argue with the selection)

The Brewers Bar is wondering Do the Brewers have the “secret sauce” for success?

Disciples of Uecker looks at Yovani Gallardo’s Hot Streak , let’s hope it continues.

Jersey Al says What if I told you…(Packers after 3 games) .

Lombardi Ave on how Aaron Rodgers speaks volumes both on and off the field .

To Embrace or not to Embrace the hoopla surrounding the Cornhuskers/Badgers game.

On how the Badger ‘D’ ready for Martinez & the Cornhuskers . has a Q & A with Bucky’s 5th Quarter & .

Remember a few years back when the Red Sox, Patriots & Celtics were all kicking ass?  Makes stuff like this all the more better: Famous Bostonians React to the Red Sox’s Collapse .

And one more for good measure, Here Is A Timeline Graph Detailing The Red Sox Epic Collapse .

NFL Teams That Need New Uniforms , some of these I would consider classics agree on the Seahawks inclusion.

The John Daily actually looks pretty refreshing, Drinks Named After Famous People .

I’ve been the recipient of more than a few of these ‘sighs’… Different Ways Your Girlfriend Will Sigh At You .

Fun and inexpensive date ideas , but you’ll still be called a cheap date after.

Erin Heatherton is aweful cute.

Could It Get Any Better? – Brewers first NLDS game & Badgers vs Cornhuskers on Saturday, then a Packers home game & the Brewers second NLDS game on Sunday.  Did you ever realistically think you’d see a line-up of Wisconsin sports like that in a single weekend ever?  I get to add coaching a flag football game Saturday morning to my own personal line-up which makes it all the better.  Of course you may have to make a choice on Sunday depending on your TV number and availability, but I think it’s a choice we’re all happy just to have to make.

Check back later today for Week 4 of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators plus a special MLB Predictions post.  So sit back this weekend, enjoy the show and we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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