7 games.

That’s all I have to wait for: 7 more games.

I’ll boldly confess that since I was a star right fielder as a 7 year old, I’ve been a Yankee fan (let the booing commence). I often envisioned myself as the next right fielder for the Yankees, and for years thought that would become a reality. Sadly it did not, and I have been spoiled by their success over the last 20 years or so.

From afar, I’ve always kept an eye on another team. Which team was that? The Cubs? Not even close. The White Sox? Any team which had announcers like Hawk and Wimpy doesn’t deserve the time of day.

My adopted other team has for a long time been the Brewers.

Going back to the old days of the AL East, the Brewers have interested me. Always fun to watch, and at times very very talented, the interest had to come from somewhere. Maybe it was Stormin’ Gormon Thomas, and his BIG swing that I tried to emulate as a kid. Or Robin Yount, and his pure talent. Or maybe it was Paul Molitor, and the way Brewers fans loved him as a player, and cried when he left for Toronto. Whatever the case is, I was watching long ago.

When the Brew Crew moved to the National League in 1994, the potential for what I had always wanted had become a reality. Year after year, I watched, hoping that something which seemed as unlikely as flying monkeys could actually happen. While so many others I knew were cheering for the Cubs or White Sox, I was paying attention to the Brewers, hoping that they would climb the standings. I waited, we waited. And while waiting, I was watching.

After years of hope, the waiting is almost over.

The Brewers have assembled one scary team. Players like Prince, Ryan, Corey, Yo, and Ax are the type of core that most teams would kill for. 96 wins, one win less than my beloved Yankees. Most importantly, they are young, hungry, and want to win. Don’t think for one second I haven’t been watching.

The playoffs have yet to begin, and while anything can happen once the playoffs begin, the important thing is that the Brewers and Yankees are both in the playoffs. There is a long time to go before the World Series starts, but for the first time, something which I’ve always wished for but until this year never truly thought could happen.

The Yankees could play the Brewers in the World Series.

Imagine a year where the Packers win the Super Bowl, and either of my two favorite teams could win the World Series. It would be a fan’s nirvana.

7 more games. That’s all I have to wait for. 7 more games.

I’ll be watching. And waiting.


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