Not going to lie, I was nervous Sunday morning. After my post about my future trip to watch the rival game on the Bears’ home turf, I received a fair share of warnings and stories that didn’t settle my stomach.

I knew I was going to catch some crap for being a Packers fan in Chicago. I also knew the tension would be high since the last time the two rivals met was for the NFC Championship that would lead the Packers to a Super Bowl victory. However, the stories of beer pouring and coffee being thrown at fans had me a little uneasy.

I was graciously asked to go to the game with my neighbor and friend, Mike, who is a Bears season ticket holder. The trash talk was kept to a minimum Sunday morning because both of us had our nerves working against us. Mike was nervous that the Bears offense would fail to show up for a second week in a row and I was afraid an angry Bears fan would set fire to my Rodgers jersey while it was still on my back.

Got to love the Green and Gold!

Welcome to Chicago

Not even five minutes after we stepped off the blue line in downtown Chicago, some took notice to my jersey. I know what you’re thinking…oh crap, the first nasty comment. Nope. Across the block came a loud and passionate chant of “Go Pack Go!” Two girls who had recently moved from Wisconsin to Chicago were excited at the sight of my jersey. I immediately felt a sense of welcome that was shattered less than a minute later when an SUV drove by yelling some not so positive comments about the Green and Gold.

The Bears Fans

Overall, the fan base was …wait for it…nice. Yeah, I know. Some of you are thinking, “What no way?!” and others are saying, “What kind of poison did they mix in her beer to confuse the poor thing?!” But it’s true. Fans openly teased me, but not disrespectfully. For the most part, I could just laugh their silly comments off.

The fans we sat by even gave me a fist pound when the Packers offense had a good play. Although they were too wrapped up to pay much attention to me when Cutler and the gang were suppose to be struttin’ their stuff. Most of the fans gave Mike more crap for inviting a Packers fan than they gave me for being a Packers fan.

Toward the end of third quarter and the beginning of fourth quarter, the Bears fans began to feel antsy for their offense to do something, and Packer fans sensed the beginning of the end. This is when choice words were thrown between rival fans, and the mood got tense. At this point in the game, my adrenaline began to rush. I could feel my emotions come into play with each series.

Surprises at Soldier Field

There were two things that caught my attention at Soldier Field. The first one was the ringing sound of “Kuhhhnnnn” when it was his time to shine. My face lit up when I realized there were enough Cheeseheads in the stadium to create the epic ringing in every Bears fans’ ears.

The other thing that surprised, or more shocked, me was the Bears fans booed their own players. I believe it happened twice at the game, where soldier field erupted into a loud “BOOO” after a disappointing play. I just couldn’t fathom ever booing a Packer off the field. I know I have been disappointed in players, but I think the unity between fan and player/team is broken if you can’t show your support. Maybe that’s just my personal opinion.

It’s hard not to have fun at a football game, especially a Packer game. Let’s face it, nothing beats Lambeau Field.


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  • Anita

    So glad you have none of the experiences I did! One thing I will say about Soldier Field. Their bathroom are WELL heated. If they had had a TV screen in the ladies room during the 2007 below zero game, my cold happy ass would have stayed there.

    Oh, and those of us watching the game on TV could hear “KUUUUUHN” loud and clear through our speakers. It made me laugh and comment, “Must be a lot of Packer fans there! GOOD!”

  • John Rehor

    Really glad to hear you had a pleasant experience behind enemy lines. No better way to shut the mouths of obnoxious Bears fans than to beat them at home, but it sounds like they were almost ready for a beat down.

  • Amanda

    Maybe I just got lucky. I think it helped that I was with a Bears fan. People really focused on giving him crap. I dunno if they were ready for the beat down, John. They all seemed pretty confident when we were lined up to go into Soldier Field. Ha! Glad we won. Made the drive home so much better.

    • John Rehor

      Oh they were ready. Trust me :)

  • Adam Czech

    I went to the NFC Championship game last year and the Bears fans were extremely hostile, but not toward us Packers fans. The hostility was aimed at their own team, specifically Lovie Smith. I think Bears fans hate their own team more than they hate Packers fans.

    • Amanda

      I got the same impression Adam! So weird. I wasn’t ready for that at all. I know they were a little put off by all the Packer fans. They told me they always know lots of Green and Gold will show, but it always puts ‘em down. :)

    • John Rehor

      Wrote about that last night (insert shameless plug here)

      Bears fans are all emotion-ready to fire everyone after every game if they dont win. Every coach is on a perpetual hot seat, and that’s what makes them entertaining to watch-they hate their own team and want immediate changes, but are never happy with the changes they make.

      As a Packer fan, it makes for great comedy relief.

      • Amanda

        Your post describes more than a handful of Bear fan friends. But I do have a few friends who take a loss at face value and don’t overthink things or let “feelings” get in the way.

  • Trish Lynn

    great post…. we must remember that bear fans are real people too. LOL
    In fact I’ve had avid bear fans tell me that they think sometimes the “crowd” effect is powerful and usually well-behaved midwesterners mutate into raging impulsive anger machines.

    Best for them to live in the past until things get straightened around and they have a real TEAM effort.

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